How dinner has changed:

In my 'Previous Life':
For tonight's dinner I would have spent the afternoon browsing through recipe books for a good chicken recipe for the boneless, skinless chicken thighs that I took out of the freezer this morning. I would have then gone and got myself a lowfat, caramel latte and meandered through the grocery store, picking up the ingredients I needed (and anything else that may have caught my eye). While I was there I would have picked up some fresh veggies and a few nice, red potatoes. Later, at home I would have delicately steamed the veggies and drizzled them with lemon juice. I would have baked the potatoes, and topped them with fresh chopped chives and sour cream.

I would have spent the afternoon cooking this meal and making sure it was fabulous.

In my 'Current Life':
The chicken is getting slopped with the Franks Red Hot Sauce that I found on the door of my fridge. The 'veggies' are courtesy of my pantry and Heinz - canned pork and beans (veggie, right?). And in place of the baked red potatoes that I do not have on hand, I found some freezer burnt perogies that I chipped out of the 6 inches of frost at the back of my freezer. I will attempt to bring back to life with a frying pan and butter.

I will spend as little time, energy and TLC on this meal as I can possibly spare - because time, energy and TLC are precious commodities these days.

Bon Appetit!