Goodbye, Campus Clicks

No Hail Marys.

Campus Clicks is to be no more.'s utterly fantastic daily college sports email is to be no more, writer Mallory Rubin announced on the last issue of Campus Clicks. She's off to run SI's college football page.

"On an unrelated note, we've got some news: This is the final edition of Campus Clicks," she said. "It's admittedly a sad day, but wipe those tears from your eyes, because everything's going to be OK. I'm moving on to run's college football page, and SIOC will be incorporated into the Extra Mustard page. Before you ask, yes, Cheerleader of the Week will live on. Jimmy Traina, who runs EM and writes Hot Clicks, will take good care of you all. We know you'll like Jimmy, because he's tight with Erin Andrews and posts pictures of scantily clad women every single day. He's a Yankees fan, but hey, no one's perfect. So, thanks to the SIOC team and to all you readers and bloggers for making these last seven months so great. Life will be a little emptier without daily discussions about Facebook, USC Song Girls and Tim Tebow's eye black."

In other words: the guy is off to run someone else's college football page/ has been fired/ made redundant/ resigned/ so I've been promoted. Since Time Warner aren't hiring anybody (it's a recession you see!), I can't do two people's jobs. You, dear reader, are screwed.

But hey! You'll be able to see CC updated on the Extra Mustard page - which might be/certainly isn't as good as ESPN's Page 2.

But the good news? Apparently Cheerleader of the Week lives on. Yaaaaaaaay!