When you only sleep in 2 hour (maximum) increments, you never truly fall into a deep sleep. And because of this I am constantly in that state of sleep in which you dream.

In the past few days I have dreamed:

- That I was riding around in the back seat of The Queen's SUV and her toddler was in the front passenger seat. Toddler was still a toddler but had an adult voice and swore like a sailor.

- That I was eating my cereal - not with regular skim milk like I normally would - but with breastmilk. And it was really salty and gross.

- That during Steve's turn to feed the baby at 1am, he was secretly feeding her chocolate milk - despite the stockpile of breastmilk I have on hand in the fridge. He thought there was nothing wrong with this and couldn't understand why I was so upset. (Also, I didn't even know we had any chocolate milk in the fridge).

- That I was pregnant again. Right now. Dear God, no. This is so wrong. And soooo not even possible for multiple reasons.