CBC, infomercials, bottle cleaners and dog poo

It takes a special kind of creative to be able to write good blog posts while you are at home on maternity leave, tending to a newborn baby, running on almost no sleep, while barely able to feed and bathe your own self, and without a vehicle to get out and see the world.

I apparently do not possess that special kind of creative. Here's why:

I have thought about writing a post about how depending on feeding time, I sometimes watch Steven and Chris or sometimes I watch George Strombo in the wee hours of the morning and how one day during the sunlight hours I actually saw George on Steven and Chris' show and how I found that very entertaining.

And I was also going to write a post once about the Superstars of Country infomercial, hosted by Kenny Rogers in the wee hours of the morning. And that there is a reason why those infomercials are on at that time of night and it is because people like me who are in a weakened mental state due to sleep deprivation will seriously consider ordering Superstars of Country because, you know, you can't buy it in stores. And it's only three easy payments on your credit card.

Or I might write about my new bottle cleaner that Steve bought me yesterday - and how fricken excited and happy I was about it. Hey - it even came with a little mini nipple cleaner! (FYI - not for my nipples, for the bottle nipples. Just in case you were confused). And now it's easier to clean my bottles and nipples and oh how that just makes my day.

And then I had contemplated writing a post about people who walk their dogs when it's snowy outside and why they think that the snow exonerates them from picking up their dog shit - because eventually the snow melts and there's dog shit all over the sidewalks and then it gets all mushed into my stroller wheels - which I am just learning to use. (There is a technique to be learned - I didn't realize this!) But then I got home and I wheeled around to our back door and guess what I just about rolled in? Yes, so I guess people who live in glass houses... shouldn't blog about other people's dog shit.

And that my friends, is what my life looks like right now. 3am television, infomercials, bottle cleaners and learning to dodge dog shit whilst also learning to wheel a stroller around.

That's all I've got.