You like?

Trying to keep busy and keep my mind off... things, I've been tackling project after project after project in the past week or two. Some big, some small.

Revamping my blog is one of the smaller projects but I'm just as pleased with how it turned out as I am with some of the other projects I have recently completed. Such as:

~ baking cookies, lasagna and mashed turnip to freeze for future consumption
~ cleaning the bathroom (more than once)
~ being so on top of the laundry it's ridiculous
~ washing and vacuuming the floors multiple times
~ decorating for Christmas (yes, that's right)
~ wrapping Christmas presents
~ cleaning out my purse
~ scrubbing the patio/deck
~ organizing the shed
(which has been used as a dumping ground since we moved in in August)
~ organizing the storage closets downstairs
(other such dumping grounds)

Some of the bigger projects I really shouldn't have been doing considering the discomfort I have when I'm moving, but I cannot stand to just sit still and do nothing. Believe me, I have paid a painful price for doing some of these projects.

The blog was just a small thing, but it was an enjoyable, relaxing little project. One that I could do while sitting down, as to not aggravate my back or other painful areas. And I really like how it looks. I think this is my favorite look so far.

Astute readers will have noticed that I've added a new feature called "Twitter Updates". Twitter will show a series of mini-updates that I post periodically (whenever I feel like it). So you can check in whenever you like and see what I'm up to, even if I haven't written a post. I've located it on the right hand side, below the "People I Check in on Regularly" section.

Because I know that sometimes you just can't get enough Tarable.

Hope you like the new look and feature!