Why the NFL needs Michael Vick back

On Jan 9th, 2009 (or thereafter), it seems that Michael Vick will be released from prison.

You know the story about Michael Vick. I don’t have to go into it, apart from saying that I doubt he’ll ever be speaking to his friends (or his mother) again – especially those who helped to bankrupt him while had his time in the big house.

Am I the only person who thinks he should reapply to play in the NFL, and be welcomed with open arms?

First things first, it's not as though Michael Vick's involvement in crime is worse than other convicted felons playing in the NFL (Jamal Lewis, Ray Lewis and Leonard Little all have marks on their copybooks - and there are a number who darned well should be on this list).

Secondly, the NFL NEEDS someone like Michael Vick. In his short stint in the NFL, Michael Vick was a human highlight reel. He transformed the rules of a being a big-time quarterback - if the arm couldn't get the 10 yards, then the legs probably could. Sure, Minnesota Vikings QB Tavaris Jackson is out of that ilk, but there's no Michael Vick. Sorry. The fans may say that they don't miss him - but why did they talk about him so much when he WAS playing, then?

Thirdly, Roger Goodell's let a LOT of things go in the NFL. Sure, he's made a small fortune for the league in fining people, but he's let a lot of things go. After Michael Vick - who had enough screwed out of him while he was on the inside - comes out of jail, he's got to let this one go, too.