Week 15 Predictions


A lot of people have accused this year’s college football of being boring…..including me.

Is that because week in, week out we’ve seen the favourites win? Or is it because that once again, we find ourselves arguing about the BCS and its ‘amazing’ formula.

But that’s another argument – Oklahoma are in the Big XII Championship Game whether we like it or not, and here’s what the VFA reckons is going to happen on Week 15…..

Big XII Championship Game: Oklahoma vs Missouri

Even if you are outraged that Texas didn’t get to go to the Big XII Championship Game, you’ve got to admit: this Oklahoma team are good.
Sam Bradford and his offense are scary, scary good – even if the defense really isn’t the best in the world – although it is certainly opportunistic. But with the weapons that Stoops has on offense, who cares if the ‘D’ might give up 45. The ‘O’ can score 401.
But Missouri aren’t to be discounted on this one. The Chase Daniel-Jeremy Macklin hook-up is still scary, and if Oklahoma fail to stop Macklin on punt/kick-off returns, this game should be closer than many think.

Prediction: Oklahoma! See you in the National Championship! Oklahoma 45, Missouri 35

SEC Championship Game: Alabama vs Florida

Oh God. The old clichés come out: heard the one about the unstoppable force (Florida) against the immovable object (Alabama’s ‘D’)? Haven’t we all? Both teams are playing with exceptional confidence – something that you’d expect from two teams that have lost a total of one game. The eyes of Gator Nation – and the NFL – will be on Florida QB Tim Tebow, although he may well be hurt by the loss of Percy Harvin, who looks unlikely to take a part in Saturday’s festivities after getting injured against Florida State. Florida should definitely be worried about Alabama, though: Glen Coffee’s a superb running back and Nick Saban’s certainly got playmakers in Javier Arenas and Julio Jones, who have frightening speed. The ‘X-Factor’ may be Nick Saban, who’s not used to losing big games. Will this be one of them?

VERDICT: Rammer, Jammer, Yellow Hammer. How about Alabama? ‘Bama 31, Florida 29

ACC Championship Game: Boston College vs Virginia Tech

The ACC were incredibly overlooked this season – simply because everybody (apart from Duke) was really pretty good. It was only after an arduous 14 games of college football that we got to the ACC Championship Game. While it’s not too eyebrow-raising to see VT in the ‘Big One’, how about Boston College? Wasn’t Matt Ryan’s leaving meant to see an end to the ‘Good Years’ of BC? Well, it’s obvious that’s not the case. This should be a good – if defensive – one.

VERDICT: Don’t expect too many firworks – but it’ll be a nailbiter. BC 28, Virginia Tech 25


I’ve made this point particularly about Penn State’s Rose Bowl opponents designate: USC’s passing defense is only exceptional because the Pac-10 doesn’t have any good quarterbacks. There you go – I’ve made it again. UCLA can be as motivated as they want: USC’s winning the LA Derby by 30.

VERDICT: Gotta love the Song Girls. USC 45, UCLA 15