Sam's World: Oklahoma's Bradford wins the Heisman

Outplayed in the Cotton Bowl by Colt McCoy en route to a 45-35 loss to Texas? Check.

Outplayed Graham Harrell as you and your team massacre Texas Tech 65-21? Check.

Put up 4,464 yards and 48 touchdowns en route to a Heisman? Check.

Sam Bradford beat out Tim Tebow and that chap McCoy on Saturday night, claiming a Heisman trophy.

But get this: the last three Heisman trophy winners (Reggie Bush, Troy Smith, and Tebow) haven't won college football's ultimate prize: the National Championship. Jason White, Oklahoma's last winner? Ouch.

And Sam Bradford says that he'll look at his options about whether it's a good idea to think about playing in the NFL.

The NFL could really do with some good young blood right now: but Bradford could probably do with one more year - as could Tebow. Colt McCoy's already said that he's coming back - and if all three do come back, then one thing's for sure: we are in a golden age of college football quarterbacks.

Now, about that National Championship.