Chomp! Chomp! Florida wins the SEC

The last #1 vs #2 match-up was a pretty awesome one when Ohio State and Michigan got together in an absolute classic in 2006. It was as good as advertised.

The 2008 version - featuring BCS heavyweights #1 Alabama and #2 Florida - in the SEC Championship Game - was on a par with that.

While there wasn't the offense in the 2008 version compared to THAT game, it's probably because Florida's Tim Tebow and Alabama's John Parker Wilson - combined - are not better QBs than Ohio State's Troy Smith or Michigan's Chad Henne were in 2006. Tim Tebow IS better than Smith or Henne (or Wilson, as he proved in Florida's 34-21 victory), Wilson simply isn't.

Tim Tebow - without an injured Percy Harvin - was Florida's offense. He ran, he threw, he yelled. A lot. While 'Bama stuffed Florida's running game (the Gators had better pray Harvin's better in January, or they'll be relying on Tebow once again against Texas/Oklahoma/God Knows Who), Tebow made the big plays with his arms with tight end Hernandez, and the rest was one big Gator celebration and a smiley Urban Meyer.

But the defense, friends, was much better than that 2006 clash.

Both teams were brilliant on the defense. Florida's receiving corps proved to be better than Alabama's secondary, but Alabama's front line stuffed the run into oblivion. In the same reckoning, the Gators' secondary managed to (just) stop Julio Jones and the rest of the Tide's receivers, but the Gators' running defense found it difficult to stop Alabama's Coffee and Ingram.

And the special teams? They actually cancelled each other out. Neither Florida's Brandon "LeBron" James nor Alabama's Javier "Gilbert" Arenas managed to fly like their NBA namesakes, making the SEC title game all about one man....

Tim Tebow.


But now, here's where 2006 and 2008 seperate. Ohio State vs Michigan in 2006 was always going to decide who was going to go to the National Title Game. Alabama vs Florida in 2008 doesn't actually mean anything's certain - apart from the fact that it's next year, Mr Saban.

Texas lead Florida in the BCS, Harris and Coaches' polls. The Longhorns are 2nd to the Gators 6th in the Computer Polls, and the Computer Average (whatever that means!!) puts Texas at .940 and Florida at .820.

In other words, Florida may have won the regular season battle, but will the computers let them win the war?

In 2008 - and Texas themselves should know this - nothing will surprise.

Penn State for Miami, anyone??