Boomer Sooner: Oklahoma is the Big XII Champ

You may not like the fact that the Oklahoma Sooners 'won' the Big XII South and went to the Big Game in Kansas City.

You may not like conference championships at all.

You may not like the fact that Bob Stoops likes to run the score up on teams.

But you have to admit: the Oklahoma Sooners are playing some great football right now.

Let the scoreline of Oklahoma 62, Missouri 21 not deceive you....Oklahoma were FIFTY points better than Missouri in this game. The Tigers once again couldn't deal with the fact that Oklahoma's offense started to click in the second quarter, and Chase Daniel fell apart. But Sam Bradford didn't - showing the college football world why he is a front-runner for the Heisman.

Bradford's Oklahoma Sooners have been sensational almost all season long - and lately unstoppable. They are the first team in 89 years to score 60 points or more in a row for five straight games. They have scored an NCAA record amount of points this year.

But Oklahoma has all the tools, too.

Juaquin Inglesias is a great punt returner and a superb wide receiver.

Jermaine Gresham is going to play on Sundays at tight end.

Backup running backs Chris Brown and Mossis Madu are both frighteningly quick. And now that DeMarco Murray seems to have injured his knee - they'll be the ones to test their opponent in Miami. At least they should be, right?

Oklahoma's defense is opportunistic and very, very good - Missouri may have put up 354 yards of offense, but most of that was in the fourth quarter with the Sooners winning 48-14 at the time.

And I bet the 'D' can't wait to meet up with Tim Tebow, who made the remark that he "wouldn't mind playing some of those Big XII defenses". If that's not bulletin board material, then nothing will be.