Beamerball once again rules the ACC

I'd be lying if I said that Virginia Tech is the standout team in the ACC, because to truth is this: There were NO standout teams in the ACC.

The ACC was full of fair-to-good teams beating each other, in an effort that elevated it to the SEC ranks of parity. I'm serious.

Having said that, the 30-12 beating of 17th ranked Boston College was pretty awesome viewing.

The defence was pretty awesome all the way through, giving up just 12 points to a not-too-shabby Boston College offense, and stomped on the Eagles' rush, giving up just 44 yards on the ground. Ouch.

They also created four turnovers (and gave away three themselves) in front of a Jacksonville Stadium crowd of 55,000 people. As it goes, they didn't miss an offensive showpiece (or any teams with a hope of going to the National Title), but quite simply - this game could have been played at Carolina's stadium or even Washington's Stadium - Florida only has two ACC team in Florida State and Miami - and we haven't had a Miami-FSU ACC title game yet.

But that's another story. The story today was about Frank Beamer and a Hokies team that has seen rejuvenation in quarterback Tyrod Taylor (if you don't know him, think a better-behaved Michael or Marcus Vick) and a good running back in Darren Evans.

And now we're tasting Oranges in Virginia once again. Anyone want to bet against this team winning that January game, too?


What the heck happened to Ball State. For 12 games they looked - and were- unbeatable. The team just couldn't stop scoring points. And then Buffalo happened. Sorry, Buffalo? That team that regularly appeared in ESPN's 10 crappest football teams? Well, the Bulls won Buffalo's first Championship in years in football when they caused four Cardinals fumbles and claimed the MAC Conference title in a 42-24 thumping.