BCS Selection: Oklahoma - Florida and no surprises

After all the shenanigans, we now know: Oklahoma and Florida will get together for the National Championship.

With the weapons at both quarterbacks' hands, it should be one heck of a football game.

And in case you missed it:

Penn State will play USC in the Rose Bowl - and the guys on ESPN don't think the Nittany Lions have a hope in hell of beating the Trojans - apart from Lou Holtz, who reckons it's going to be close.

Texas and Ohio State will get together in the Fiesta Bowl. This is going to be a classic. This could be the last time to audition for the NFL scouts for Colt McCoy - and will be for James Laurinitis and Beanie Wells. I can't wait to see Ohio State's defense battle against Texas' high-octane offense - don't the Buckeyes have a point to prove after the USC debacle earlier in the season?

Utah and Alabama in the Sugar Bowl hardly gets my juices flowing - simply because Alabama didn't exactly keep me awake this year (they don't have the sort of "fireworks" offense that other teams do, but it's effective) and Utah has been pretty good, beating ranked teams TCU and BYU in the Mountain West. They've also won in hostile territory - if you count beating Michigan in The Big House hostile.

And in the Orange Bowl - Virginia Tech and Cincinnati get together. These teams don't exactly stand out - Virginia Tech's 9-4 record and Cincy's 11-2 one was by virtue of being simply the best in a medicore (admittedly the ACC is a better medicore one than the Big East) conference.

OH, AND....

Boise State will be a little pissed, after being rewarded for an unbeaten season with a frickin' Poinsettia Bowl spot....against TCU (they don't even get a BCS Conference!!!).



Oregon vs Oklahoma State

Miami (FL) vs Cal

Wisconsin vs Florida State

LSU vs Georgia Tech

Clemson vs Nebraska