Alleluia: There is life after Clark

Alleluia - There is life after Darryl Clark.

Kevin Newsome, considered one of the best of this year's bunch of quarterback prospects, has made a decision to become a Nittany Lion.

We're expecting him to redshirt his first year and - if he doesn't get into trouble - start in the 2010 season after the departure of Darryl Clark.

What makes this all better is that Newsome - who plays a handsome piano, by the way - decommitted from Michigan, who had a double whammy of a crappy day after their defensive coordinator Scott Shafer humbly stepped down.

But back to Newsome.

His first game - if all things go to plan and Clark stays injury free in 2009 - will be in Tuscaloosa against Alabama in 2010. Nice way to start your college career, Kevin.

Needless to say, Nittany Lion nation should be pretty darned happy - especially after the signing of big-time defensive back Gerald Hodges.