TTPMOF is a spin off from TTPMOT (Things that piss me off Thursday) which was created by Bone Junior as a spin off from TILT (Things I Love Thursday)

Without further delay: Things That Piss Me Off Friday

* People at work asking work related questions and seriously expecting me to actually care about my job and give valid answers when I only have one day left.

* The person who is inheriting my job acting like she already knows everything there is to know about the job and not bothering to do much training and then going on vacation for the last 4 days that I am going to be at work and then freaking out on me on her last day of work saying that there's a lot I haven't told her about the job.

* People who excitedly ask, "So!!! How many days to go??" and when I tell them "5 weeks", they grab for their heart and almost feint out because I'm already SO HUGE!!!

* Crazy woman on the skytrain who spots my belly and yells across a crowded, post-Canucks-game train, "WHOA! Do you need to sit down? You must be ready to go any day now! Look at that belly!!" And having the train fall silent while everyone directs their attention to my belly.

* Crazy woman on the skytrain giving advice on labour across a crowded, post-Canucks-game train - because she's have FIVE babies and she would know.

* When someone acts astonished that I'm going off on maternity leave already and then saying, "But you aren't ready to pop for a while are you???"

* People who refer to giving birth as "popping".