Saturday shorts: Florida, 'Bama roll, Texas Tech struggle; Ramblin' Reck end hurt

"'Twas the Saturday before the Championship Games,

And all through the house, Nothing was stirring
not even a mouse...."

Unless you consider:



...who stomped on Florida State in Tallahassee in a 45-15 exhibition. If he wasn't part of the Heisman picture BEFORE this, then Tim Tebow is now, with a brilliant performance. While Florida State Seminoles quarterbacks struggled in the wet and mud, Tebow and his Gators seemed to excel.

Tebow showed all the poise you'd expect from a leader. And he changed my mind—I think he'll play in the NFL. But he needs another year in the "Little NFL"—the SEC. Oh, and both of these teams are going to very, very good next year, bearing in mind the talent they've got coming back.



If you didn't see the Georgia-Georgia Tech game, then find a friend who's TiVoed it. If you're a Bulldogs fan, then ignore everything I say. Your team blew a 28-12 half time lead before eventually losing one of the best games of the season 45-42. That's right, really was that good.

Georgia Tech's rushing game was wonderful, putting up 409 yards. And the scary thing for the Bulldogs? Roddy Jones and Jonathan Dwyer are coming back next year—they're downright filthy. Speaking of talent, Georgia's Knowshoun Moreno isn't too bad—and neither is A.J. Green at wide receiver. Next year's going to be a lot of fun—particularly as GT has now ended seven years of hurt.


While it was pouring it down in Tallahassee and Athens, it was snowing HARD in Kansas City, where KU beat Missouri 40-37 with Todd Reesing getting a monkey of a sophomore year off his back and throwing the winning touchdown to backup Kerry Meier, who's making some noise about a possible NFL call-up come the Spring, with 27 seconds to go.

The boys of the Big 12 South should watch, though: This Mizzou team could cause them some frighteners next weekend in the the Championship Game. Chase Daniel and Jeremy Macklin are no slouches...even if their defense is!



Georgia Tech's win was to no avail, as Virginia Tech dealt with Virginia, 17-14, in a low-scoring thriller. Boston College said "Matt Ryan? Who's Matt Ryan?" when it beat a feisty, but inconsistent Maryland at home, 28-21.



Suddenly, the Red Raiders are starting to think that they want the season to end. Particularly with the injury to Michael Crabtree—making the 35-28 victory over Baylor somewhat pyrrhic.



"Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer!" The Alabama fans can AT LAST chant, after beating Auburn for the first time in years, 36-0. The VFA's gone on the record to say that we think that Auburn's offense is inept—and this shutout proved it.

The 19-point collapse in the third quarter wasn't too pleasant, either. But the win may well have given Gator Nation something to think about—especially with running back Glenn Coffee, who ran for 144 yards and a touchdown.


OH, AND...

Spare a thought for Florida's Percy Harvin. His ankle injury could well put him out for the SEC championship game. Mind you, how many people WEREN'T injured in those Tallahassee conditions—aside from Superman, of course?