Notre Dame- Get A Conference!

As much as I have been enjoying watching Notre Dame play badly for a vast amount of this year, I have to say: for the good of college football, Notre Dame, PLAY IN A CONFERENCE!

Although the other independents deserve the same treatment, Notre Dame is BY FAR AND AWAY the biggest college football team who is an independent.

Penn State managed it. Why can't you? Penn State managed it - presumably because Joe Paterno was fed up with going unbeaten and not getting selected for a National Title.

I know the possibility seems far off right now - especially after the loss to Syracuse - but this could happen. And where does it leave you, Notre Dame?

Frankly, I don't care whether Notre Dame come to the Big Ten, Big East, or even the Big 12. The conferences would be happy to have you.

Of course, that would you mean you and your monster TV contract would get renaged, but what does Notre Dame want- a TV contract or the chance to play for a National Title?

And if college football finally gets a playoff system, then where would this leave the Irish? If it's ALL based on conference victories, then you can't call "Independents" a conference, Irish. Your recruits and trophy cupboard will be laid bare for decades to come.

Pro-Independent Notre Dame people will scream that it's about preserving history.

But to those with sense, Notre Dame HAS to change with the times. Because without Notre Dame in a conference, college football won't get the playoff it needs and we won't be able to properly see how good the Irish truly are.

Oh, and the View From North America is leading the campaign. Join our facebook group!