Mr Riley, you might have just handed the Pac-10 to USC

Dear Mike Riley,

You may have just made Oregon's life much, much easier going into Saturday's Civil War. All the way through this season, Jacquizz Rodgers has carried the team. He's been pretty unbelievable this year, putting up 100 yards games against some of the best defences your opposition has had to offer.

He's short, and he's a livewire.

I agree - with the second degree shoulder seperation he probably SHOULDN'T play against your team's most hated rival.

But if you lose at home to Oregon - something that stops you going to a Rose Bowl - or even any good bowl at all - will the Beavers fans forgive that?

For USC, it's an advantage. Ever since Jacquizz Rodgers handed the team its ass on September 25th, the Trojans have been doing the same to most of the other defenses in the league. Yep, they've been that good.

And for Oregon - the advantage may be even bigger.