Misinformed or Misunderstood

Either I was misinformed or I misunderstood what the sales clerk told me but Wally Lamb's new book comes out on November 11th and not October 31st as I had previously mentioned.

Not enough time for me to start/finish a new book, but it's still a whole week to go without having something to read. I suppose I will just have to fill my time with (more) reading of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" - even though at this stage I am pretty well versed in what to expect.

November 11th - while it is Rememberance Day and a statutory holiday, will also be my first official day off for maternity leave. Well, sorta. If I were to get technical, I will first be using some banked overtime and then a couple of weeks of vacation time before mat leave officially starts on December 1st.

November 11th, I will go out and buy a new book to kick off some much needed and much deserved time off work. Not how I would have traditionally celebrated time off from work but I suppose there are some major changes afoot anyways.

Wow, I've been going on about this book for weeks now. You'd think I had nothing better to talk about....