Maternity leave officially begins

Almost a week has gone by since I posted. I should think that there would be no excuse for such long time spans between blog posts now, since I am officially off work until 2010.

Actually the only excuse I can think of for not posting, is having nothing bloggable (spell check is going to love that one) to say. I will have to be creative. Maybe I will bring back TILT (but not this week). Maybe I will just bore you all to death.


Monday was my last official day of work. I heard nothing from my bosses or the girl who is taking over my job. No phone call to say "good luck, keep us posted, send pictures". No phone call to touch base and go over anything that needed going over. I had the impression that the girl who is taking over my job already knows everything there is to know about my job so she needed very little training or discussion with me. Even though she will be doing the job remotely from another city, in another province, halfway across the country.

Except yesterday, on her first day doing my job, what did I find in my email inbox?? And email from her titled "HELP". She states that she knows that I explained "such and such" to her already but now she's not sure she's doing it right. And could I please explain it to her.

Oh really...?

I started to type an email to respond to her (and answer her questions) but Steve walked in the room and busted me. He said that in NO way should I respond to such emails. This person had all the time in the world (8 months actually) to get herself familiarized with the job but she obviously felt that she didn't need to do that. There was never any agreement that she could contact me at home to ask questions. How could there be? She never even bothered to contact me on my last day. And Steve feels that if I start answering questions now - it will open up the flood gates to more and more questions. And he's probably right.

And also, I don't want to feel responsible for answering work related questions because I may not always be available to do that.
I may, I just may, have other things on the go and I might be too busy!

So I forwarded her email to our HR manager and asked him to look after it. It was the best/most appropriate/most professional option that I could come up with.

Personally, I cannot believe the audacity of it all.

Other than that, my first couple days of maternity leave have been good. I don't think it has quite sunk in yet though, that I will not be returning to work until 2010. Steve actually had the past two days off so it's really just felt like a weekend so far. Today is my first day on my own so we'll see how I manage to fill my day without getting bored.

I do have Wally Lamb to keep me company.

Yes, I was at the book store on release date (don't think I've ever done that before) and snatched up the book. It's a big one too so it should keep me occupied for a while. I've read the first chapter and it seems good so far. But I wouldn't expect anything less from Wally.

Ok, off to test the waters of being a housewife: there is a dishwasher to unload, laundry to do, floors to be vaccuumed and a dog to be walked, and oddly enough I'm kind of excited about doing all that.