Eyes of Texas....on January? Oklahoma in the Big XII Championship Bound

If I'm a Texas fan, I'm screwing right now.

I'm upset that Oklahoma's in the Big XII Championship game - even though the Longhorns beat them 45-35 in Dallas.

But really, I should be screwing about whoever the AD was who decided on the soft non-conference schedule for this year.

Because that's what killed the Longhorns this year, not the last-second loss to Texas Tech.

Oklahoma played Cincinnati, Washington and TCU this year. Cincinnati have won the Big East this year. TCU - who also beat 9th ranked BYU on the way to 2nd place in a good Mountain West. Washington, erm, didn't win a game.

And for Texas? Arkansas. The rest (Rice, UTEP, Florida Atlantic) aren't a whole lot to talk about. I know that Texas' AD can't foresee that Arkansas were going to spend 2008 being (mostly) lousy. And 2009 doesn't get a whole lot better, with Wyoming, Louisiana-Monroe, UCF and UTEP (again) all on the board.

As for Oklahoma 2009? A road trip to Miami is better than any of the ones that Texas has.

Anyways, here's the clip of the OU-Texas game .....again.