Eyes of Texas Are Upon You: Texas crushes A&M 49-9

With the rivalry games, you would think that the general pattern of the regular season would be changed for one game.

Well, the Texas turned Texas A&M into the Thanksgiving turkey in Austin, crushing (one of) their hated rivals 49-9.

A few points:

1) Colt McCoy looked every inch the Heisman contender. He was as hard to stop on the run as he was with the arm, rushing for two touchdowns and throwing for 311 yards.....in just over three quarters. I look forward to seeing him in the NFL. I hope that Rachel Glandorf goes with him.

(Thanks DoubleExtraPoint)

2) A&M should not have gone with two quarterbacks. They should have kept Jerrod Johnson in as quarterback instead of keeping on the dreadful Stephen McGee, who looked slow and, well crap.

3) Those 45-35 signs - which seem to have taken a quasi-religious fervour in Austin. It seems the only ones not holding signs were Colt's parents. Apparently it's a Facebook group. I would give the kid who did the sign some publicity, but ESPN gave him enough during the game.

It's something to do with THAT Texas-OU game this season. And what a game it was. Should I mention that the VFA was at the game again? Oh, and the score should have been 45-42 - the refs during the game called a TD catch as an incompletion when anyone in their right mind could have seen it was a TD. But I digress. And I was sitting in the Texas section.

4) Style points: Texas get a ton of them. The offense is incredible, and the defense all-in-all didn't give up a lot of plays. Having said that any 'D' would looked stupid facing A&M freshman Mike Goodson. He's that quick.

5) About A&M. Quick word to Mike Sherman: Teach your wide receivers to catch. And your 'D' to tackle. Hmmm....that's like any bad team really.