Christmas talk

Anyone who's been reading for a while and who knows my history and feelings around Christmas, might be shocked to find out that right now, I am actually quite well prepared for the Christmas season.

For starters: I am done my Christmas shopping.

I was done last week.

Yes, it's true - I'm done my Christmas shopping. (Except for possibly a few more stocking stuffers for Steve.) It feels sooooo good to have it all done. I started on it a month or so ago and have been going like a bat out of hell, relentlessly, until I had it all done. I've even got all my wrapping paper so I can do the wrapping any time I get the desire (FYI - I currently have no desire).

For another thing: I picked up (yes, actually bought) some tree decorations the other day, and this weekend we brought a load of Christmas decorations home from my parents house. (We had been storing that stuff in their basement). This is not to say that we have put any of the decorations up. Let's stay real here. It is still only November after all.

Now, normally I would try to ignore Christmas for as long as I could get away with, but this year, because the baby is due right smack dab in the middle of December, I figured I had the choice of either getting everything done (or at least prepared) super early - or completely boycotting Christmas all together.

Because we are now in a nice big house (as opposed to a shoebox townhouse where there is so little room for Christmas decorations or even Christmas spirit) it just feels like it's going to be nicer and easier and more fun to "participate" this year.

Also, what kind of parents would we be if we boycotted our baby's first Christmas? (Assuming she'll be here by then).

I almost actually feel a little bit excited about Christmas this year and feel a bit of Christmasy spirit seeping into my black soul... This, despite the fact that this will probably be the most crazy, confusing, and frustrating Christmas I've ever had in my life.