Eyes of Texas....on January? Oklahoma in the Big XII Championship Bound

If I'm a Texas fan, I'm screwing right now.

I'm upset that Oklahoma's in the Big XII Championship game - even though the Longhorns beat them 45-35 in Dallas.

But really, I should be screwing about whoever the AD was who decided on the soft non-conference schedule for this year.

Because that's what killed the Longhorns this year, not the last-second loss to Texas Tech.

Oklahoma played Cincinnati, Washington and TCU this year. Cincinnati have won the Big East this year. TCU - who also beat 9th ranked BYU on the way to 2nd place in a good Mountain West. Washington, erm, didn't win a game.

And for Texas? Arkansas. The rest (Rice, UTEP, Florida Atlantic) aren't a whole lot to talk about. I know that Texas' AD can't foresee that Arkansas were going to spend 2008 being (mostly) lousy. And 2009 doesn't get a whole lot better, with Wyoming, Louisiana-Monroe, UCF and UTEP (again) all on the board.

As for Oklahoma 2009? A road trip to Miami is better than any of the ones that Texas has.

Anyways, here's the clip of the OU-Texas game .....again.

Oregon ruins Oregon State's Rose Bowl hopes; Oklahoma, USC roll

A few points about Saturday evening:

1) Who in the heck do PSU get in the Rose Bowl? It had to be Oregon State, didn't it? This website pointed out that Mike Riley's decision to bench Jacquizz Rodgers - while right - may give Oregon the upper hand in the Civil War. Oregon State only put up 89 yards rushing in a 65-38 loss. True, that they had to get to their passing game going rather quickly after going down 20-7 early on in the second quarter, but Oregon's offensive backfield stole the show. Step up, Jeremiah Johnson, who ran for over 200 yards - including 83 yards - and a touchdown.

USC 38, Notre Dame 3: USC embarassment that they only put up 38 points against a dreadful Irish team or a cue for Fat Charlie the Archangel to file for divorce and get out of the Graceland that is South Bend? ESPN's Corso and Herbstreit say that there's no way that he'll get fired. Nor do I - Weis' payout is simply too big. That's the only thing that's saving him.

Mark Sanchez and Jimmy Clausen remained even in the interception stakes, throwing up 2 each. Ouch.

USC may well sneak themselves into a bigger BCS bowl- particularly if the rumours that the Trojan players have been grousing about Tournament of Roses on New Year's Day are true. For me, I'd love Texas or Alabama. But there we go.

In other rivalry games, Oklahoma drilled Oklahoma State 61-41 in a game that a LOT CLOSER than the scoreline suggests. I know it's a well-worn cliche, but this thing was pretty darned tight until ten minutes to go in the fourth quarter, when Oklahoma's running game - which had been stifled until then - took over and O-State's 'D' became tired.

So who should go to the Big XII Championship Game? I'll go for Texas over Oklahoma - simply because Texas beat OU by 10 on a neutral field. Lee Corso put it like this- check out what he has to say:

Saturday shorts: Florida, 'Bama roll, Texas Tech struggle; Ramblin' Reck end hurt

"'Twas the Saturday before the Championship Games,

And all through the house, Nothing was stirring
not even a mouse...."

Unless you consider:



...who stomped on Florida State in Tallahassee in a 45-15 exhibition. If he wasn't part of the Heisman picture BEFORE this, then Tim Tebow is now, with a brilliant performance. While Florida State Seminoles quarterbacks struggled in the wet and mud, Tebow and his Gators seemed to excel.

Tebow showed all the poise you'd expect from a leader. And he changed my mind—I think he'll play in the NFL. But he needs another year in the "Little NFL"—the SEC. Oh, and both of these teams are going to very, very good next year, bearing in mind the talent they've got coming back.



If you didn't see the Georgia-Georgia Tech game, then find a friend who's TiVoed it. If you're a Bulldogs fan, then ignore everything I say. Your team blew a 28-12 half time lead before eventually losing one of the best games of the season 45-42. That's right, folks...it really was that good.

Georgia Tech's rushing game was wonderful, putting up 409 yards. And the scary thing for the Bulldogs? Roddy Jones and Jonathan Dwyer are coming back next year—they're downright filthy. Speaking of talent, Georgia's Knowshoun Moreno isn't too bad—and neither is A.J. Green at wide receiver. Next year's going to be a lot of fun—particularly as GT has now ended seven years of hurt.


While it was pouring it down in Tallahassee and Athens, it was snowing HARD in Kansas City, where KU beat Missouri 40-37 with Todd Reesing getting a monkey of a sophomore year off his back and throwing the winning touchdown to backup Kerry Meier, who's making some noise about a possible NFL call-up come the Spring, with 27 seconds to go.

The boys of the Big 12 South should watch, though: This Mizzou team could cause them some frighteners next weekend in the the Championship Game. Chase Daniel and Jeremy Macklin are no slouches...even if their defense is!



Georgia Tech's win was to no avail, as Virginia Tech dealt with Virginia, 17-14, in a low-scoring thriller. Boston College said "Matt Ryan? Who's Matt Ryan?" when it beat a feisty, but inconsistent Maryland at home, 28-21.



Suddenly, the Red Raiders are starting to think that they want the season to end. Particularly with the injury to Michael Crabtree—making the 35-28 victory over Baylor somewhat pyrrhic.



"Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer!" The Alabama fans can AT LAST chant, after beating Auburn for the first time in years, 36-0. The VFA's gone on the record to say that we think that Auburn's offense is inept—and this shutout proved it.

The 19-point collapse in the third quarter wasn't too pleasant, either. But the win may well have given Gator Nation something to think about—especially with running back Glenn Coffee, who ran for 144 yards and a touchdown.


OH, AND...

Spare a thought for Florida's Percy Harvin. His ankle injury could well put him out for the SEC championship game. Mind you, how many people WEREN'T injured in those Tallahassee conditions—aside from Superman, of course?

Notre Dame- Get A Conference!

As much as I have been enjoying watching Notre Dame play badly for a vast amount of this year, I have to say: for the good of college football, Notre Dame, PLAY IN A CONFERENCE!

Although the other independents deserve the same treatment, Notre Dame is BY FAR AND AWAY the biggest college football team who is an independent.

Penn State managed it. Why can't you? Penn State managed it - presumably because Joe Paterno was fed up with going unbeaten and not getting selected for a National Title.

I know the possibility seems far off right now - especially after the loss to Syracuse - but this could happen. And where does it leave you, Notre Dame?

Frankly, I don't care whether Notre Dame come to the Big Ten, Big East, or even the Big 12. The conferences would be happy to have you.

Of course, that would you mean you and your monster TV contract would get renaged, but what does Notre Dame want- a TV contract or the chance to play for a National Title?

And if college football finally gets a playoff system, then where would this leave the Irish? If it's ALL based on conference victories, then you can't call "Independents" a conference, Irish. Your recruits and trophy cupboard will be laid bare for decades to come.

Pro-Independent Notre Dame people will scream that it's about preserving history.

But to those with sense, Notre Dame HAS to change with the times. Because without Notre Dame in a conference, college football won't get the playoff it needs and we won't be able to properly see how good the Irish truly are.

Oh, and the View From North America is leading the campaign. Join our facebook group!

Friday Feeling: Arizona State ties records; Pitt beats West Virginia

Even if their offense didn't, Arizona State's defense certainly got that post-Thanksgiving Friday feeling.

Their 'D' was impressive, scoring FOUR TOUCHDOWNS as the Sun Devils beat UCLA 34-9. Both offenses were absolutely horrendous, picking up 428 yards between them. I thought Arizona State's offense was meant to be high-octane.

In the end, it was the 'D', with one fumble and three interceptions going back to the house....even if it was a half-empty one. By the look of one ESPN shot, most people were shopping instead of watching their home team.

The game against Arizona shouldn't be too shabby next week - although on this performance, my money's on the Wildcats.

Speaking of disappointing, the LSU Tigers ended a rough regular season with a second surprise loss, losing to the Arkansas Razorbacks 31-30. Razorbacks QB Casey Dick was the hero, throwing the winning TD with 22 seconds left to win the game. Doesn't Les Miles normally win tight games like this? Well, it seems like the magic dust has left

And finally, the Pittsburgh Panthers once again burnt the couches against West Virginia, beating their hated rivals 19-15 in the Backyard Brawl.

The happiest people in the whole game were probably fans of the Cincinnati Bearcats, who are going to the BCS after the victory as Big East Champions.

Eyes of Texas Are Upon You: Texas crushes A&M 49-9

With the rivalry games, you would think that the general pattern of the regular season would be changed for one game.

Well, the Texas turned Texas A&M into the Thanksgiving turkey in Austin, crushing (one of) their hated rivals 49-9.

A few points:

1) Colt McCoy looked every inch the Heisman contender. He was as hard to stop on the run as he was with the arm, rushing for two touchdowns and throwing for 311 yards.....in just over three quarters. I look forward to seeing him in the NFL. I hope that Rachel Glandorf goes with him.

(Thanks DoubleExtraPoint)

2) A&M should not have gone with two quarterbacks. They should have kept Jerrod Johnson in as quarterback instead of keeping on the dreadful Stephen McGee, who looked slow and, well crap.

3) Those 45-35 signs - which seem to have taken a quasi-religious fervour in Austin. It seems the only ones not holding signs were Colt's parents. Apparently it's a Facebook group. I would give the kid who did the sign some publicity, but ESPN gave him enough during the game.

It's something to do with THAT Texas-OU game this season. And what a game it was. Should I mention that the VFA was at the game again? Oh, and the score should have been 45-42 - the refs during the game called a TD catch as an incompletion when anyone in their right mind could have seen it was a TD. But I digress. And I was sitting in the Texas section.

4) Style points: Texas get a ton of them. The offense is incredible, and the defense all-in-all didn't give up a lot of plays. Having said that any 'D' would looked stupid facing A&M freshman Mike Goodson. He's that quick.

5) About A&M. Quick word to Mike Sherman: Teach your wide receivers to catch. And your 'D' to tackle. Hmmm....that's like any bad team really.

Mr Riley, you might have just handed the Pac-10 to USC

Dear Mike Riley,

You may have just made Oregon's life much, much easier going into Saturday's Civil War. All the way through this season, Jacquizz Rodgers has carried the team. He's been pretty unbelievable this year, putting up 100 yards games against some of the best defences your opposition has had to offer.

He's short, and he's a livewire.

I agree - with the second degree shoulder seperation he probably SHOULDN'T play against your team's most hated rival.

But if you lose at home to Oregon - something that stops you going to a Rose Bowl - or even any good bowl at all - will the Beavers fans forgive that?

For USC, it's an advantage. Ever since Jacquizz Rodgers handed the team its ass on September 25th, the Trojans have been doing the same to most of the other defenses in the league. Yep, they've been that good.

And for Oregon - the advantage may be even bigger.



What I Learned Today #13

Today I learned that when you are 37.5 weeks pregnant and you haven't had a pedicure for months and your toenails are starting to resemble claws and the polish is half grown out and you cannot stand the look of your horrid feet for one more day - but you are are between paycheques and have spent all your "extra" money on items for the baby - you really should make yourself wait until you get paid and have a professional give you a pedicure instead of trying to do it yourself:

Impressed/Depressed/Ummoved - Week 13

In honour of Notre Dame, who managed to lose to SYRACUSE on the weekend, the View From North America would like to make this IDU a tribute to Fat Charlie & His Merry Men.


Notre Dame

You lost to Syracuse for crying out loud! The year has turned from OK to horrible. Having said that - AWESOME snowball fight, Irish student section. You should be very proud.

Washington/ Washington State

It says it all that Washington State's overtime win over Washington rescued one team from the 0 loss gutter. You know what? Both your teams still suck....or in the wazoo, should I say....

Michigan State

Did you play badly at Penn State or did Penn State play well? Either way, the Spartan's ain't going to the Rose Bowl, and Penn State are. Yaaaaaaaay!


One word for this season: Ouch.


Nice over Vanderbilt, but your college recruiting for 2009 could be screwed unless you announce a coach soon, Vols.

Texas Tech

That season fell apart in a hurry, huh?


See the Texas Tech remarks.


Not nice getting beaten by the other Mormons, was it? And there was me thinking BYU could be the BCS dark horse. I guess you peaked after beating UCLA.


Is the ACC pretty good or is a Maryland mediocre football team? The 37-3 home loss to Florida State suggests the latter.



It was Citadel, Gator fans!!

Oregon State/Arizona

Cracker of a game, but the injury to Jacquizz Rodgers could hurt O-State's chances of smelling roses.



Beat the crap out of Texas Tech - they may be the form team going into the Big 12 Championship Game. Or will the loss to Texas count against a Big 12 Championship visit?

Ohio State

Might not be smelling roses, but Terrelle Pryor's going to be on Heisman Watch in 2009.



Roses baby! Roses!

The Assistant

In preparation for Baby Roberts' arrival, there have been many, many items purchased that needed to be put together, dismantled, remantled, hung up, taken down, assembled, disassembled, reassembled, etc., ect., etc...

Luckily for me, I have my very own handyman who is very smart and talented and is yet to be unable to meet any of the recent handyman challenges.

And "luckily" for my handyman, he has his very own "assistant" who is very interested in everything he does:

Christmas talk

Anyone who's been reading for a while and who knows my history and feelings around Christmas, might be shocked to find out that right now, I am actually quite well prepared for the Christmas season.

For starters: I am done my Christmas shopping.

I was done last week.

Yes, it's true - I'm done my Christmas shopping. (Except for possibly a few more stocking stuffers for Steve.) It feels sooooo good to have it all done. I started on it a month or so ago and have been going like a bat out of hell, relentlessly, until I had it all done. I've even got all my wrapping paper so I can do the wrapping any time I get the desire (FYI - I currently have no desire).

For another thing: I picked up (yes, actually bought) some tree decorations the other day, and this weekend we brought a load of Christmas decorations home from my parents house. (We had been storing that stuff in their basement). This is not to say that we have put any of the decorations up. Let's stay real here. It is still only November after all.

Now, normally I would try to ignore Christmas for as long as I could get away with, but this year, because the baby is due right smack dab in the middle of December, I figured I had the choice of either getting everything done (or at least prepared) super early - or completely boycotting Christmas all together.

Because we are now in a nice big house (as opposed to a shoebox townhouse where there is so little room for Christmas decorations or even Christmas spirit) it just feels like it's going to be nicer and easier and more fun to "participate" this year.

Also, what kind of parents would we be if we boycotted our baby's first Christmas? (Assuming she'll be here by then).

I almost actually feel a little bit excited about Christmas this year and feel a bit of Christmasy spirit seeping into my black soul... This, despite the fact that this will probably be the most crazy, confusing, and frustrating Christmas I've ever had in my life.

Maternity leave officially begins

Almost a week has gone by since I posted. I should think that there would be no excuse for such long time spans between blog posts now, since I am officially off work until 2010.

Actually the only excuse I can think of for not posting, is having nothing bloggable (spell check is going to love that one) to say. I will have to be creative. Maybe I will bring back TILT (but not this week). Maybe I will just bore you all to death.


Monday was my last official day of work. I heard nothing from my bosses or the girl who is taking over my job. No phone call to say "good luck, keep us posted, send pictures". No phone call to touch base and go over anything that needed going over. I had the impression that the girl who is taking over my job already knows everything there is to know about my job so she needed very little training or discussion with me. Even though she will be doing the job remotely from another city, in another province, halfway across the country.

Except yesterday, on her first day doing my job, what did I find in my email inbox?? And email from her titled "HELP". She states that she knows that I explained "such and such" to her already but now she's not sure she's doing it right. And could I please explain it to her.

Oh really...?

I started to type an email to respond to her (and answer her questions) but Steve walked in the room and busted me. He said that in NO way should I respond to such emails. This person had all the time in the world (8 months actually) to get herself familiarized with the job but she obviously felt that she didn't need to do that. There was never any agreement that she could contact me at home to ask questions. How could there be? She never even bothered to contact me on my last day. And Steve feels that if I start answering questions now - it will open up the flood gates to more and more questions. And he's probably right.

And also, I don't want to feel responsible for answering work related questions because I may not always be available to do that.
I may, I just may, have other things on the go and I might be too busy!

So I forwarded her email to our HR manager and asked him to look after it. It was the best/most appropriate/most professional option that I could come up with.

Personally, I cannot believe the audacity of it all.

Other than that, my first couple days of maternity leave have been good. I don't think it has quite sunk in yet though, that I will not be returning to work until 2010. Steve actually had the past two days off so it's really just felt like a weekend so far. Today is my first day on my own so we'll see how I manage to fill my day without getting bored.

I do have Wally Lamb to keep me company.

Yes, I was at the book store on release date (don't think I've ever done that before) and snatched up the book. It's a big one too so it should keep me occupied for a while. I've read the first chapter and it seems good so far. But I wouldn't expect anything less from Wally.

Ok, off to test the waters of being a housewife: there is a dishwasher to unload, laundry to do, floors to be vaccuumed and a dog to be walked, and oddly enough I'm kind of excited about doing all that.


TTPMOF is a spin off from TTPMOT (Things that piss me off Thursday) which was created by Bone Junior as a spin off from TILT (Things I Love Thursday)

Without further delay: Things That Piss Me Off Friday

* People at work asking work related questions and seriously expecting me to actually care about my job and give valid answers when I only have one day left.

* The person who is inheriting my job acting like she already knows everything there is to know about the job and not bothering to do much training and then going on vacation for the last 4 days that I am going to be at work and then freaking out on me on her last day of work saying that there's a lot I haven't told her about the job.

* People who excitedly ask, "So!!! How many days to go??" and when I tell them "5 weeks", they grab for their heart and almost feint out because I'm already SO HUGE!!!

* Crazy woman on the skytrain who spots my belly and yells across a crowded, post-Canucks-game train, "WHOA! Do you need to sit down? You must be ready to go any day now! Look at that belly!!" And having the train fall silent while everyone directs their attention to my belly.

* Crazy woman on the skytrain giving advice on labour across a crowded, post-Canucks-game train - because she's have FIVE babies and she would know.

* When someone acts astonished that I'm going off on maternity leave already and then saying, "But you aren't ready to pop for a while are you???"

* People who refer to giving birth as "popping".

Misinformed or Misunderstood

Either I was misinformed or I misunderstood what the sales clerk told me but Wally Lamb's new book comes out on November 11th and not October 31st as I had previously mentioned.

Not enough time for me to start/finish a new book, but it's still a whole week to go without having something to read. I suppose I will just have to fill my time with (more) reading of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" - even though at this stage I am pretty well versed in what to expect.

November 11th - while it is Rememberance Day and a statutory holiday, will also be my first official day off for maternity leave. Well, sorta. If I were to get technical, I will first be using some banked overtime and then a couple of weeks of vacation time before mat leave officially starts on December 1st.

November 11th, I will go out and buy a new book to kick off some much needed and much deserved time off work. Not how I would have traditionally celebrated time off from work but I suppose there are some major changes afoot anyways.

Wow, I've been going on about this book for weeks now. You'd think I had nothing better to talk about....