Two in a row? No go.

I had hoped that today would be as good as yesterday but unfortunately I just couldn't make it happen.

I tried though. I got up this morning and took the dog for a walk and Steve joined us. I didn't even have to beg or bribe him - he suggested that we all go together! And it was again a beautiful and brisk fall day - except that this time when I got home, I didn't feel refreshed and rejuvenated - I felt like shit. My back hurt and I felt like going back to bed.

I pushed on though and we went down to Ikea to pick up a replacement duvet cover as my current one met with the unfortunate demise of a snarky Boston Terrier:

Usually, a little shopping is great for my mood but not today... Even though we were at Ikea early enough to beat the crowds, the few people that were there had obviously conspired before I got there and were clearly intent in getting in my way, cutting me off, walking slow and just generally trying to piss me off.

After leaving there we decided to hit the home reno store because I need some sort of closet organizer for Baby Roberts' room. On the way to that store I became so overcome with fatigue that I couldn't stay awake and even though I was having a conversation with Steve, my head started bobbing and I eventually fell into a drooling sleep. The whole drive took about 10 minutes. When we got to the home reno store I felt secretly pissed off that we got there so soon and I had to actually wake up and drag myself through the store. (And also my sweater felt hot and itchy.)

And closet organizers? A rip off. I was shocked (maybe from just coming from Ikea) at the price of them! I only have an itty bitty closet that I need to organize and the stupid units available would have cost us well over $100 and weren't even what I really wanted. *sigh* Empty handed and really irritated (at least I was), we left and headed home.

Upon arriving home I jumped into my pyjamas and lay down on the couch with full intent on having a nap. Maybe even one of those 2 or 3 hour ones that I had earlier in the week...

Steve fell asleep and had a nap. Quincy fell asleep and had a nap. I did NOT get to fall asleep and have a nap. I may have started to doze once or twice but I just couldn't get comfortable and was too hot or too cold and a nap just wasn't happening.

It was all I could do to not go poke Steve and Quincy in their pleasantly dreaming eyelids.

And so, my day today was not as great as yesterday, despite my best efforts.

Steve, being the good man that he is, made a trip to the store and picked up everything he needed to make dinner and he's currently doing just that.

And being the wise man that he is, he also picked up some chocolate... which he has been periodically throwing into my cage from a safe distance.