I want to write, I really do.

I had a post in my head that I was going to produce tonight, but this is not it.

Steve is currently putting away groceries, cleaning the kitchen and unloading/reloading the dishwasher. Normally I would be doing it myself or maybe we might be doing it together.

Tonight I am just too tired.

It is barely 7:30pm and I'm in my jammies and heading to bed. No shower before bed as I usually do. No snack before bed. No energy for the shower and food is... meh to me this evening. I will be climbing into bed within the next 5 minutes and cracking my book. I'll read until I can't hold the book up any longer which will likely have me sleeping by 8pm.

Oh ~ I'm reading Red Dog Red Dog by Patrick Lane. My goal is to have it finished by October 31st when Wally Lamb's new book comes out.

I figure I should be able to do it easily - although I doubt tonight will get me very far towards my goal.