This just in...

Babies are expensive!!!

Yeah we all knew that to begin with but when you start out $20,000 in the hole just to GET pregnant - you're really screwed.

And now that I've got less than 10 weeks to go (give or take 2 weeks) I really need to get things done and ready.

I do have a good start on Baby Roberts' room though - thanks in part to the kindness and wallets of other people.

The first thing I owned for Baby Roberts was her crib. I searched high and low for something a little bit different, something sturdy and something of good quality. It took me months but I did find a crib that I fell in love with. Big thanks to Grandma Wright for generously buying Baby Roberts the crib, mattress, and mattress protector. Here it is, fitted with the bedding that I recently bought:

Quincy doesn't like the crib or bedding much but that's just because it's not for her:

I found the bedding on the internet and since it was an American company that makes it, I didn't think I'd ever find it in Canada. But I did, just by total, pure luck. And it was a little bit on the expensive side but it was really the only bedding that I had found that I really liked. Particularly I'm in love with the cherry blossoms, and I love that it's not overly "baby-ish". And so out came the already injured credit card.

And then after these two purchases, things kind of stalled for a while. I really needed a dresser but again wanted something sturdy and with good quality. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything besides Ikea particle board crap within my price range so when I did find the perfect dresser which matches the crib perfectly, I once again pulled the old credit card out and charged it (and felt a bit sick for it afterwards). It was a very expensive piece of furniture but I feel like it's worth it. It is going to double as a change table (when I get a change pad to go on top) and it can be used forever because it's not "baby-ish" - meaning Baby Roberts won't grow out of it.

Note: Sitting on top of the dresser is Baby Roberts' first book, two receiving blankets, a little fleece blanket and a mattress cover - all courtesy of crazy Grandma Wright. Grandpa Wright commented recently on how excited Grandma Wright is about Baby Roberts that he's surprised she hasn't been arrested yet for stalking random new born babies she sees in the mall or on the streets.

Also on top of the dresser are some cool hooks I found a while ago that caught my eye and also a neat "diaper clutch" which I saw and liked and so Steve bought it for me.

Inside the dresser you would find two diapers and a quarter sized container of diaper cream which I got as samples at a baby fair. That should last until potty training time, right?? Right??

I've also got this really cool frame that is going to look very cool in the room if only I can find something neat to go in it. I may end up just going to a glass/mirror place and having a mirror cut to fit inside it. It looks so cool with the rest of the room decor:

Here's a shot of the room all together (minus the above frame):

Note the antique rocking chair in the corner, which was donated by my friend Marta. It was in her family for years and years. It is a shorter chair and my feet actually touch the ground when I sit in it - which is remarkable because I never find chairs that are appropriate for my height and also because Marta and her family are all quite tall.

I also had full intentions of painting the room (which is the same color as every other room in the house). I had started picking out colors but then realized that the color that is on the walls right now actually doesn't look too bad with the decor and also that I am getting too big and tired and mentally exhausted to try to co-ordinate any paint color. So what do you say? The walls look good that color, no?

And that brings to an end, our baby tour for today. Why? Because now you've seen everything I have. I'm freaked at how much stuff babies need! And how little of that stuff I actually have. And how little energy I have lately to deal with all of it! And how much I have to learn about all of this. (Thank god for prenatal classes) I keep thinking that things will just fall into place and I'll get a burst of energy and a burst of funds (perhaps cashing in the OT at work??) and a burst of brain and it will all be ready when Baby Roberts decides to get here.

T minus 10 weeks to go....

(I really try not to post too much about being pregnant, or baby stuff or whatever but right now it's all I've got going on. So it's pregnancy/baby stuff or nothin'. Plus I was also able to incorporate pictures of at least ONE room in my new house...)