That's the way we roll

Baby Roberts will be rollin' in style when she arrives.

Check out the new wheels from Grandma and Grandpa Roberts:

It's the all-in-one model, complete with snap-in infant car seat. Baby Roberts can go from car to stroller to car in a couple of "easy" snaps. I'm really excited about it and relieved to have this item in my house and put together, ready to go. They don't let the baby leave the hospital without the car seat.

But someone who lives in this house does not find it very exciting at all...

Quincy has always had a big hate/fear of wheels. She would rather throw herself in front of a moving car than share the same sidewalk with a bicycle, skateboard or... stroller.

So when we first brought the stroller into the house in parts - no big deal. But when Steve was putting it together and the wheels went on, she started to realize what it was and she was none too happy. She spent a good hour circling the stroller and barking viciously at it. And then she went and sat in the closet.

The stroller has been residing in Baby Roberts' room and this is about as close as Quincy will get to it.

I really hope she can overcome her hate/fear because it would be nice to be able to go for walks with Baby Roberts AND Quincy some day. And not like this: