Ritualistic Treats

Since it is not an overly common occurrance for me to allow myself a food "treat", when I do have something I take it pretty seriously.

It is sort of like a special ritual for me.

I take my time picking out what I want. I think about it for quite some time to make sure that I enjoy the treat to the maximum. I want to make sure that I get exactly what I am craving.

And then when it comes time to actually eat the treat, I like to pick the perfect time. Not too close after a meal or it will not taste as good, but not too close to bed time or it will keep me awake and I will feel bad about eating it. And I like it to be when something else special is going on. If I am on my coffee break at work and am reading personal emails or blogs, or if a good TV show or a hockey game is on.

I also like to be sitting down in a comfortable spot.

I also like to pick out the perfect accompanying beverage. A nice cup of tea usually goes well with my treats - but the tea has to be steeped just right and has to be at the exact right temperature. I don't like it too hot so I have to plan ahead and make the tea and steep it and cool it for just the right amount of time before it is drinkable.

Even how I eat it is meticulous. I take small bites and chew and taste it. And I sip the tea to clear my mouth after every bit.

And this is how I enjoy a treat. I'm very particular about it and it is very ritualistic for me.

But being pregnant has somewhat changed that for me...

Today I was at the store picking up some things for dinner. I saw two chocolate long johns so I bought them without giving it a second thought. When I got home, I ate half of one while standing in my kitchen, over the chopping block in my underwear and I subsequently chased it down with a handful of potato chips. I then scarfed down the other half while I was lying in bed reading my book and washed it down by chugging some water and then I fell asleep.