A good day

I was up at 6am but was able to fall back asleep until 9:30am. I cannot tell you how good it felt to roll over and see that time on the clock. Sleep has not been great lately and so a little sleep-in on a Saturday morning made a nice start to my day.

I kept the good vibes rolling by immediately throwing on my yoga pants and a t-shirt (as opposed to staying in my pyjamas). I put on my runners and put a collar and a leash on the dog and out we went for a walk around the neighborhood in the cool, brisk fall air. While I was a little uncomfortable by the time I got home, I still felt refreshed.

Then I started working on my laundry and managed to get most of it done. You would be hard pressed to find a dirty pair of undies laying on the floor of my bedroom now! (Unless there is a pair under the bed, in which case they will stay there for the next few months as getting down there to retrieve them would be pretty much impossible for me right now.)

In between laundry loads I did some housework and made what's left of my bed (Quincy has ripped a few holes in my duvet cover because she's rebelling that I still won't let her sleep with us - and I desperately need to get to Ikea to get something to replace it until I can afford a nicer, more luxurious one).

I just finished making up two home made pizzas which we will cook tonight and eat while we are watching the Canucks game, lounging on the couch.

If only the Canucks can manage to pull off a somewhat entertaining win.... I will have had a decent day.