What I Learned Today #12

Today I learned that giving a massage does NOT always put Steve to sleep.

And yes, that was Steve giving the massage that puts him to sleep, not Steve getting the massage.

When I am feeling tired / exhausted / worn out / cranky - Steve will sometimes offer to give me a massage at bedtime to help me relax and fall asleep. In the beginning of our relationship I used to be so thankful that I had such a thoughtful guy who would think of doing such a nice thing to help his girl feel better.

However, the thankful thoughts were short lived when I realized that giving me a massage, mysteriously sent Steve off to dreamland in record time.

He would start by rubbing my back so hard that it hurt. I would ask him to ease up a bit and he would ease up to the point where he was rubbing one fingernail up and down over the same 1 square inch area repeatedly until I thought he may have dug a hole in my back. And very shortly after that I would hear him "snoring". The whole thing lasts about 67 seconds.

So when in prenatal class the other night, the instructor advised that she was going to teach the dads some ways that they could be helpful to the moms during labour and she mentioned massage... I was a little confused as to how that would work. How could Steve sleeping through labour be of any help to me? (well, maybe).

Then near the end of the class when she had the moms sit on the floor in front of the dads and instructed the dads to massage the moms for a few minutes, I got a little worried. How ever would Steve get through this part of the class? Would I have to carry him out to car, over my shoulder afterwards because he was in a massage-giving induced sleep? Would I have to explain his "condition" to the other people in the class?

But something miraculous happened... Steve started massaging me - nicely. No rubbing so hard I wanted to cry. And no pushing one fingernail over the same spot so much that I needed a bandage afterwards. No, he actually gave me the nicest massage he has ever given me. And it went on for the entire 5 minute time frame that we were given.

Perhaps most surprisingly, when I turned to look at him after the instructor told us to stop...? His eyes were still open!!!! And he was not snoring.

Will the miracles ever cease???

Strangely enough, we have not been able to recreate that particular massage since the prenatal class. I wonder if there was a special "awake gas" being pumped into the classroom???

Needless to say, I will be looking forward to our next class.