New neighborhood affects blog

It seems that by moving to a new house and new neighborhood has seriously affected my blogging.

The crazy annoying things are just not happening over in the new hood.

Nobody has tried to kill me for honking my horn at them. Actually, my horn requires much less honking now anyways.

No ancient asian women are leering in my front window barking at my dog.

Nobody has barged through my door and hung out for a while because they thought they were at their daughter's house.

No crack heads have come into my back yard, ransacked it, and then tried to bar-b-que some dog shit.

Nobody has broken into my vehicle and stolen my beloved White Stripes CDs and then dumped them in the mud just down the street.

And so far none of my neighbors have hung dead turkeys outside their front door and left them there for over week, rotting.

So good for the new neighborhood, bad for the blog.