Lack of creativity, not lack of stories

Having trouble putting together a post lately. It's not really for lack of mentionable happenings. There have been a few things going on but I lack the creativity lately to put them into a story. For example:

There is the fact that that I was deathly ill with a cold or allergies last week - and I worried that I might never breathe through my nose again - or at least until the baby came because I couldn't take any medication to make myself better. And then my overactive imagination started to make me think that maybe my new house might have some mysterious illness floating around in it (along with the cocktail making ghost) which was making me sick and that I would be perpetually sick forever.

And then there's the debate that Steve and I have been having about throwing a house warming party. Hey I'm normally all for throwing a party (for any reason) but the situation is a little more complex right now. The fact that I'm 26 weeks pregnant and get really tired, fairly early is one issue. The fact that Steve works on Saturdays and doesn't even get home until 6ish is another issue. So people couldn't come til around 6 and in reality they probably wouldn't come til around 8 and I'm usually really tired and ready for bed around 9 however I think it's a little bit of poor hosting when you go to bed while you have company in your house. And I don't think one hour is long enough for a party. Also, with my reputation of being the life of the party, I feel that it might not be fair to my guests to have the party now while I am sidelined from the cocktails. Should we just go ahead and have the party now? Or wait until a couple of month after the baby is born - or will things be worse for me then, and will that be too late?

Or I could have written about when the other day we were couch shopping, and one salesman tried desperately to "connect" with me by commenting on my tattoos... and then he launched into a diatribe about how he used to have a sleeve but it got melted off his arm when he was in a horrible pyrotechnics accident when he was performing in a band on stage and his drum kit was moving around the stage and then things caught on fire and his arm was severely burned which melted off his tattoo and he had to have a whole bunch of plastic surgery.

Dude, I just wanted to know if you had this couch in any other colors...

So you see, there is lots of things that I could be writing about. I just haven't had the mental wherewithal to put it into a formal post.