Eat your dinner!!!

Yesterday morning when I was thinking of what I would make for dinner that night, I couldn't stand the thoughts of making a regular "meat and potatoes" dinner so I decided that we would have tuna salad sandwiches and tomato soup instead.

I advised Steve of this in the morning before work and he gave me the thumbs up.


Then he called me in the afternoon:

Steve: What do you want to have for dinner tonight?

Tarable: I thought we were having soup and sandwiches.

Steve: Oh yeahhhhh.... Ok. Cool.

Then he called me a couple of hours later:

Steve: What do you want to do tonight?

Tarable: Nothing. Why?

Steve: Are we doing anything for dinner?

Tarable: Uhh. Still soup and sandwiches.

Steve: Oh right. Ok.

And then he got home and I put the soup and sandwich on the table and I even threw some potato chips on the side. He was noticeably absent from the dinner table when it was being served. I had to call him to the table to eat.

After I finished my meal (which I enjoyed, by the way) I noticed he had stopped eating. His potato chips were all eaten, half his soup was gone and about three bites from one of his sandwiches was gone. He claimed he was full.

Tarable: How can you possibly be full??? You hardly ate??

Steve: I ate a big lunch. Late. A big, late lunch. So I'm full now. I'll wrap these sandwiches up and have them later or in my lunch tomorrow.

So as he's wrapping his sandwiches up that he was just too full to eat, he is eating more potato chips out of the bag...

And then about an hour later, we are out in a store and I mention that I feel a bit light headed. He asks if I'm hungry and asks if I need a McDonald's cheeseburger.

No, I do not need food. Much less a cheeseburger.

After we leave the store, I mention that my head still feels a bit fuzzy and he suggests we drive through McDonald's because he thinks I just need some food. I tell him I do NOT need food because we just ate.

But he says he is hungry now and he might like a McDonald's cheeseburger.

So I remind him of his uneaten tuna sandwiches and tell him that as soon as we get home he can fill up on those.

When we get home, he eats half a pan of the brownies I made the night before but the tuna sandwiches remain untouched.

This morning on my way out the door I reminded him that his lunch is already made and sitting in the fridge. Tuna sandwiches. He says that OF COURSE! He's going to take those for lunch today.

Who are we kidding here? Those sandwiches will either still still be in the fridge today when I get home because he "forgot" them, or they will end up in a dumpster somewhere between our house and Steve's place of work.

Is he 6 years old???