Coming up for air

The past week has been crazy busy and I've had little time to do anything "extra". This means no blogging (reading, writing or commenting), no emailing, no facebooking. The week was crazy with packing, moving, unpacking, visitors, appointments with cable, phone, etc.

And before I knew what was happening, I woke up this morning and had to go to work already! I need another week of vacation to catch up and rest from the manic week I had last week.

Happily though, I am all moved in to the new house, and it's fabulous. No pictures yet as I still have a few rooms that are empty due to moving from 1063 sq ft to approx 2500 sq ft. Also, it will be a while before the finishing touches are done - pictures on walls, new shower curtain hung, etc.

The only drawbacks to it all is that it doesn't quite feel like home yet - I feel like I'm staying in someone else's house right now. And also, I get a little nervous at night time - not quite used to all the space and not quite used to the noises that the house makes. On the first night that I slept there, I had myself convinced that the house had a ghost in it and he was making himself a cocktail in my kitchen after I went to bed.

(I later remembered that I had turned the dishwasher on before I went to bed which would explain the glasses clinking and water running...)

And so now, I can hopefully get caught up on my rest and start getting back into the swing of things. And get something that resembles a normal life... whatever that is.