Who DOES this?

When a woman is driving in traffic and making a (legal) right hand turn onto a particular city street and a man is driving from the opposite direction and making an (illegal) left hand turn onto the very same city street, and the man completely cuts off the woman - almost causing an accident - and this makes the woman irritated and she honks her horn at the man to show her displeasure... WHAT KIND OF MAN would stop his MIATA on a busy street and get out and come after the woman in the car???

I'll tell you what kind of man... maybe a man that's something like this. Probably a man like this. And most definitly a man like this.

However, the woman chose to take the high road and simply drive around the crazy man who was charging at her vehicle with his mouth flopping and his fists flailing around in the air. The woman felt this was probably her best option since she was driving a small courtesy car while her tank-like Jeep is in the shop getting repaired after this driving pro smashed it up.

Although chances are pretty good that if the woman was driving her tank-like Jeep, that after the incident with the loser in the Miata her Jeep may now need some front end repair.