Am I rubbing off on him?

We are in the verge of moving... finally. Next week we will be residents of another city and we cannot wait.

At present, we are in the middle of doing all the preliminary work that goes along with selling/buying a home. Bank appointments, lawyer appointments, real estate agent appointments - not to mention emails and phone calls flying fast and furious.

A month ago we had chosen a lawyer's office to do all the lawyer'ey stuff. Steve and I have both had conversations with a lovely lady from this office who was preparing all the paperwork and had scheduled us an appointment for this coming Monday morning to sign and finalize everything. And that was all just fine and dandy... until yesterday.

I spoke with our mortgage rep yesterday, who said she wasn't going to have everything ready for the lawyer by Monday morning but instead it would be ready for Monday afternoon. No problem with us.

Until a demon woman from our lawyer's office phoned shortly afterwards to bitch and complain and just be generally nasty to me because this few hour delay was clearly going to make her life so miserable that it might not be worth living anymore. She very reluctantly rescheduled my appointment for late Monday afternoon - but not until she bitched about our bank being late with the paperwork (not my problem), about the lawyer on the other side of the deal not being able to file electronically so she would have to send a courier (gasp!), and then telling me that if things weren't to her on time then we would just have to cancel the whole thing.

After hanging up the phone I called Steve to give him the lowdown. He said he would deal with it and would call me back.

Now... I would have expected Steve to deal with this in is his typical laid back manner in which he deals with most things - which would be either by doing generally nothing, or by smoothing things over with anyone and everyone involved. I thought maybe he'd phone the mortgage broker and ask her ever so politely if she could pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top maybe put a rush on our mortgage papers so that the lawyers office would have them in time and everyone could be happy and live in harmony in world full of butterflies and rainbows.

Instead.... he fired our lawyer.

I was stunned silent (yeah, I know. That doesn't happen very often).

He then found us another lawyer who is more than happy to close the deal for us on Monday afternoon. No bitching. No whining. No complaining about our bank or about having to use a courier.

I asked him what the hell provoked him? Steve... to do something so "Tarable-like"? And what I heard could have come straight out of my own mouth, "These people work for US. We are paying them a lot of money to do this job and if they are not interested in our money, and working for us, then we will take our business elsewhere!" And then he ranted on... "We have enough stress right now with all this moving shit that's going on and we do not need to deal with people who are going to be assholes and treat us poorly."

What the hell happened? Where did my mild mannered, do-not-rock-the-boat husband go? Has he spent too much time around me and my saucy take-no-shit attitude?

Or is he perhaps making up for the fact that we now drive a station wagon and he feels the need to assert himself more strongly to make up for our new mild, non-aggressive, family-like appearance...?