The Sleep Machine

To most of you, this probably looks like a portable air conditioner:

But it's so much more than that. This is a miracle machine. This is my "sleep machine".

I've never been great in the heat. On the extreme end of things, I've fainted on more than a few occassions from being too hot. On the less extreme and more day-to-day end of things, I get sick in the tummy, I don't sleep well or at all, I'm tired, cranky, headachy, sticky and generally miserable feeling. Not to say that I don't enjoy a nice sunny summer day, but I enjoy it more when I am beside a large body of water in which I can easily cool off. Living in the city, in a townhouse... large bodies of water are not easy to come by.

When the heat wave hit late last week, I found myself rapidly growing more and more uncomfortable. When you take all of my heat symptoms from above and throw in the fact that I'm 4 months pregnant.... things don't bode very well.

Enter the Sleep Machine.

We picked up the Sleep Machine last Sunday evening after I spent the afternoon begging Steve if we could rent a hotel room for the night so I could sleep in an air conditioned room. After carefully weighing his options and realizing that it could be a long, hot and very expensive summer if he had to rent a hotel room on every hot day, Steve decided it would be a better idea to just buy an air conditioner of our own.

And I've never been happier.

This unit only cools about 500 square feet but my bedroom is about 350 so we're good. I also have my books and a television in my bedroom so during the heat, I'm finding it very hard to leave. It's like my very own hotel room! (I love staying in hotels).

And also... this machine makes me sleep like a baby. I haven't slept so well since we've lived in this place, nevermind since being pregnant. The machine makes the air in my room so fresh and cool. And it hums.... I love the hum.... I can't hear the bratty kids racing up and down the walkway outside my window. I cannot hear sirens, noisy neighbors or pesky birds in the early mornings. I just hear the hum of my sleep machine and feel the cool, fresh air on my face while I snuggle deep into my down comfortor. I have been falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

It is literally a dream come true.