Driving tip

Here's a driving tip for you, if you... oh... have maybe just recently immigrated to Canada from a far off land where the people have no manners and no idea how to drive:

If you are driving along the freeway at night, in the dark and you are about a half a kilometer behind a jeep and you see that the jeep has one tail light out, it is NOT good driving etiquette to start flashing your high beams at the jeep, while speeding up behind the jeep - and then driving behind the jeep while continuing to flash your high beams.

And then when you drive by the jeep you should not just blankly stare at the jeep driver as you go past. Because this would cause the jeep driver to become very, VERY angry. And if the jeep driver was not "with child" and her husband wasn't passed out sleeping in the passenger seat, the jeep driver might just have followed you until you stopped your car and then punched you, very hard, in the face.

In future, unless you can see someone hiding in the back seat of a vehicle with an axe poised above the driver's head, ready to strike - refrain from going nuts with the high beams. It's in everyone's best interest, including yours.