"You park like an idiot"

I received these very handy little cards in the mail yesterday from a certain very thoughtful person and I had myself a good chuckle when I imagined them soon being stuck to the windshield of every car in Burnaby area... and beyond.

And then I wondered if this person had some sort of ESP. Because just last Sunday someone parked like an idiot. What he actually did was try to park his mini van INSIDE of my jeep.

Let me explain...

I was out touring houses (desperately trying to find a new place to live) and I was actually inside a house while my jeep was parked - LEGALLY - on the street outside the house. However, upon leaving the house, I found that my jeep had been moved across the lawn and onto the driveway. And there was a green minivan sticking out of the back of it!

It seems that the driver was not paying attention and just drove right into the back of my jeep. There were no corners, no obstacles obstructing his view of my jeep. It was not a tight squeeze, the street was plenty wide.

There was initially a bit of panic our precious Quincy was inside the jeep. No serious harm done to her though, except for a bit of a scare and I was concerned that her eyes might actually, finally burst out of her head.

There was also some very poor behavior that occurred in the days following the incident which Steve insists was due to her traumatic experience... *insert eye roll*

There was some decent damage to the jeep but, well, it's a jeep and jeeps are tough.

Apparently though, GMC Safaris.... not so tough. Turns out the van was a write off. I kind of suspected that as the passenger side of his engine was pushed into the interior of the van.

And because the van was so badly damaged and it's driver was acting all dazed and confused, the fire, police and ambulance attended the scene. Yes, it was quite the production. When a fireman asked if anyone was in our vehicle during impact, I pointed to Quincy and said, "This is the other victim here, sir." That was my attempt at being all cutesy, funny because well... firemen... you know... man in uniform and all that... He told me that he didn't think they had a neck brace small enough to fit her and then he kissed her and smooshed her. Man in uniform who loves dogs? MY dog? *sigh*

And so in the end, I guess it may have been a good thing that I didn't yet have my "You park like an idiot" cards yet because it probably would have been deemed cold or inappropriate for me to have tucked one into the gurney straps as the minivan driver was carted away in the ambulance.