Get your own damn beer!!!

Everyone who reads this blog, or who knows anything about me in real life knows how much I love beer. And in case you didn't know - I love it alot.

Steve loves it too. And so between us, it was pretty standard for us to visit a local establishment after work on Friday and down a few cold, frosty suds. And sometimes it didn't have to be at the local establishment, and sometimes it didn't even have to be Friday. On the odd (ok not so odd) occassion, I would stop by the cold beer store on the way home and surprise Steve with some cold ones when he got home from work. And we would sip beer, and make dinner, and maybe watch some hockey on tv or whatever.

Since I've been pregnant, obviously my portion of the beer consumption has had to come to a halt. *sigh* I will say that Steve's consumption has slowed considerably but he is still able to get his fix.

The problem is this - Steve has never forgotten the times that he has come home to icy, cold, delicious, frosty beer on ice, complete with frozen mugs to sip from. And so a few times now, he has asked me to do that for him. Today in fact, he has made such a request.

Now let's break it down here:

~I love beer.

~Frosty, icy-cold beer, with frosty glasses

~I currently cannot drink beer.

Therefore, it is not so fun to go to the beer store and spend MY money on beer, then LUG it all the way home, put it in a bucket of ice to get nice and cold - ONLY TO WATCH SOMEONE ELSE DRINK IT

I mean, I'm a good wife, and I'm all for Steve enjoying himself some delicious golden sudsy nectar, but this might be pushing the boundaries to the limit.

What kind of heartless beast am I married to??