Customer Service is Dead OR Reasons Why I Should Not Have Left The House Today

Today started out good. I felt good. For the first time in at least 3 months, I did not feel like puking, I did not feel like I needed 23 consecutive hours of sleep, I did not have a headache and I did not feel like my ass needed to be glued to the couch.

So, I thought I'd take advantage of it and get some errands run today.

I started by driving to this Harley store in search of a door mat that was apparently advertised in their flyer. It would be a fathers day gift and I would have bought it a whole week early which would make me feel very accomplished. But when I finally got to the store, parked and went inside, I couldn't find said door mat. I asked the saleswoman (whom I thought would be at least a tiny bit more friendly to me since her and I were both tattooed to the wrist) however she flatly told me that they don't sell door mats, and she hasn't even seen on in at least 5 years. And how fucking stupid of me to ask for one... Ok, she didn't say that but she could have.

So I left the store resolving to find something else for dad on another day.

I had decided that while I was out, I would stop at Papa Murphy's Pizza and pick something up for dinner. I like their pizza's and particularly like that you get to cook them yourself at home when you're ready and they are hot and delicious. So I drove through the busiest part of Burnaby, maneuvered around retarded drivers, LOTS of retarded drivers, took back streets and side streets just to get to the shopping complex where Papa Murphy's is located. And when I finally pulled into the large, overcrowded parking lot, I see that Papa Murphy's is no longer. They've apparently shut down. Now, I realize that this doesn't necessarily fall under the "Customer service is dead" category - because I really didn't expect Papa Murphy to give me a call and let me know that he was closing shop - but it is another dead end that I ran into today which does go under the "Reasons why I should not have left the house today" category.

And the grand finale was my trip to Safeway to pick up a prescription that I keep on file there. I first waited in a one man line-up while somebody went back and forth with the two twits working the pharmacy about his insurance coverage for his prescription and how his card didn't work yesterday but he was sure it would work today. And the twits behind the counter entertained this jerk off for a good 5-10 minutes, all the while looking at me out of the corner of their eyes while I was huffing, laser eyeing, and toe tapping behind him. I finally swore and walked away and picked a few things up to make my own damn pizza for dinner and then returned to the pharmacy counter - where I was subsequently ignored for another few minutes even though I was leaning half way over the counter with my deadly laser beam eyes fixed on the twits working behind the counter, and breathing fire.

When I finally got someone's attention I told them that I have a prescription on file that I would like filled and this is what twit #1 said to me:

Twit #1: Oh sorry. Our system is down right now so we can't help you.

Tarable: Blink. Blink. Laser stare

Twit #1: Did you need it today?

Tarable: (through gritted teeth) YES. I DID.

Twit #2: Oh. Well sorry, our system is down and we have to wait for them to call. We can't give you anything today at all.

Twit #1: Can we take your phone number??

Tarable: NO! YOU CANNOT! What good is giving you my phone number going to be if you can't give me my medication today when I need it??? BLOODY RIDICULOUS!!!

And then I stormed off - while Twit #2 says with smirk, "Sorry!"

What if I was fucking dying and NEEDED meds NOW! What then? And actually all I needed was a box of ridiculously expensive, stupid prenatal vitamins that are already in a box and sitting on their stupid shelf which I could have probably reached over and helped myself to anyways!!!

Maybe I do need more sleep after all.