"Was that the doorbell??!?!"...

... is not a phrase that you want to be woken up with at 2am.

However, that is exactly how I was awakened at 2am last night. Steve bolted upright in bed and said, "Was that the doorbell??!!"

And then I was awake and in a cold sweat and panicking.

"Was it??? I didn't hear it, I was sleeping??? Is someone at the door?? Oh my god, Steve - GO CHECK!!"

"Hmmm, I'm sure I heard the doorbell. Maybe not. Nevermind."

"Please go downstairs and check!!!"

"Naw... I was probably just dreaming. Go back to sleep."

Go back to sleep? Are you kidding me?? I was completely panic stricken. NO good things come from a 2am doorbell. My mind started going wild with the worst possible scenarios.

And what do I hear? The sound of Steve's even breath... sleeping, and my heart pounding through my chest.

And he had the nerve to ask me this morning if I had a good sleep last night.

He'll find out exactly how I slept last night when I wake him up at 2am tonight to tell him that his precious Quincy has had a stroke and is dead. Then I will roll over and snicker to myself as he tries to give mouth-to-mouth to a sleeping dog....

Don't mess with my sleep.