It was meant to be

I made a quick stop at the grocery store on my way home from work today to pick up a few things. Our fridge is pretty bare since my appetite has been a little off and food has been going to waste because I am revolted by most of the items in my fridge.

There have been a few food items that I have been buying though, that have not been going to waste and one of them is frozen pizza. It's been handy to have in the freezer for when I am starving and nothing else appeals. Pizza always appeals.

I stood in the frozen pizza isle for some time today, hemming and hawwing over whether or not I should buy one. I finally talked myself out of it because I figured it would just be too temping to have on hand, and I really should start making some sort of effort to eat more healthy.

So I drive off towards home. I turn down my street, which has parked cars lining both sides. I'm flying down the street (possibly speeding) when a woman steps out from between two parked cars, wearing a red chef's hat, a white chef's coat and waving at me to stop. She was holding something over her head that strongly resembled a box of pizza.

I'm not sure how long the black tire marks are that I left on the street but I'm sure that whatever was left of my brakes at that point is definitely gone and I should probably phone and make an appointment to have them replaced.

The woman was waving a fricken pizza at me!

I leaned across the cab of my jeep and rolled down my window so fast I might have sprained my arm.

She said, "Hello, we're from Delisio Pizza and we're giving away free pizzas. Would you like one?"

WOULD I??? Hell, yes. Please! I could have kissed her!

It's clear to me that the Universe really wanted me to have frozen pizza and there is simply no point in fighting it.

I am a mere mortal and am no match for this kind of fate.

This is suspiciously similar to last weekend when I was walking down a very crowded street, craving something sweet, when some young girls made a b-line for me to ask if I wanted to support their organization by purchasing some chocolate covered almonds.

It's almost spooky.