Real Estate

My mother-in-law always tells me that finding out things about other peoples lives is not to be considered being "nosey" but instead it's being "interested".

So for those who are "interested" here is the real estate listing for my pretty little townhouse. And here's the listing on our real estate agent's website, here.

It's been on the market for less than a week and we've had two showings and one offer already.

I thought it would be a piece of cake finding another home that I would want to live in but it turns out it's not at all easy. I have found nothing that is up to par with my "standard of living". Some of my requirements are a minimum of 2000sq ft., a nearly new, large, funky kitchen, a basement without an illegal suite, a large fenced yard, a sun deck or decent patio, and laminate or hardwood flooring mostly throughout. Oh and decent bathrooms, at least two of them. And I want it in a great location, close to amenities and not too far of a drive from work and not too long of a drive or to my parents/in laws homes (future babysitters). I really don't' think that I'm asking for all that much. I really don't.

So I keep on looking. And looking. And hopefully, the perfect Tarable house will fall into my hands.

Oh, and also? It's REALLY difficult to get any actual work done when I can think about is searching MLS all day long. Seriously, that can get to be an addiction, I swear!


Just a quick note, I've slightly adjusted my "What I'm Reading" feature over on the left side of the blog page.

Now you can click on the book I'm reading (and the last book I read) and you will go to a bookstore website and read a synopsis, ratings etc. about the book I'm reading. That way you can see for yourself if it's something you might want to pick up.

It's easy to do for anyone else who has added this feature to their blog. Let me know if you need instructions on how to.

In the meantime, after taking a bit of a hiatus from reading (due to extreme exhaustion) I am back at it. (And also because we no longer have a TV in our bedroom and I need something to wash away the thoughts of the day before I can relax enough to sleep).

Good Golly Miss Molly

Right this very second, there are a pair of Molly Maids in my house scrubbing and dusting and cleansing and whatever else gets done to a house when it gets a total once-over from professional cleaners.

I'm seriously giddy with excitement about it! It's like a spa treatment for my house! And I don't have to do it. Mind you, I have to pay for it... but I don't have to actually do the work or get my hands dirty. Who can I make the cheque out to!?

See, I've never been a fantastic house cleaner. I'd be the first to admit it. Well, I never used to admit it until my mother started cringing at what I considered a clean house. She's come to terms with the fact that I didn't inherit her obsessive thorough cleaning habits and now turns a blind eye. The thing is that I have better things to do than spend my life wearing rubber gloves and gripping a sponge and a can of Comet (or whatever it is that you clean freaks do). I usually do the basics and make the place presentable and not looking like a filth pit. Still if you looked close (not that close) you'd see some grime that I "overlooked".

Anyways, I will be going home to a spic and span house tonight, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Not cool

Here's something that's really not cool...

When a woman who is 10 weeks pregnant comes home and her very sensitive nose alerts her that something very terrible awaits her, and then she comes upon this scene:

...which makes her want to cry because it is going to be a good two hours before her husband will be home so she knows she must clean the mess herself.

So she procedes to clean the mess despite the fact that she STILL has terrible morning/noon/night sickness and cleaning the mess makes her retch so badly that she barely gets her face over the kitchen sink before she barfs up the handful of potato chips that she ate on the way home from work because she was so hungry she could have chewed her arm off.

And then of course after the initial mess is cleaned, she has to clean the new mess in the kitchen sink.

THAT, is not very cool at all.

"Was that the doorbell??!?!"...

... is not a phrase that you want to be woken up with at 2am.

However, that is exactly how I was awakened at 2am last night. Steve bolted upright in bed and said, "Was that the doorbell??!!"

And then I was awake and in a cold sweat and panicking.

"Was it??? I didn't hear it, I was sleeping??? Is someone at the door?? Oh my god, Steve - GO CHECK!!"

"Hmmm, I'm sure I heard the doorbell. Maybe not. Nevermind."

"Please go downstairs and check!!!"

"Naw... I was probably just dreaming. Go back to sleep."

Go back to sleep? Are you kidding me?? I was completely panic stricken. NO good things come from a 2am doorbell. My mind started going wild with the worst possible scenarios.

And what do I hear? The sound of Steve's even breath... sleeping, and my heart pounding through my chest.

And he had the nerve to ask me this morning if I had a good sleep last night.

He'll find out exactly how I slept last night when I wake him up at 2am tonight to tell him that his precious Quincy has had a stroke and is dead. Then I will roll over and snicker to myself as he tries to give mouth-to-mouth to a sleeping dog....

Don't mess with my sleep.

It was meant to be

I made a quick stop at the grocery store on my way home from work today to pick up a few things. Our fridge is pretty bare since my appetite has been a little off and food has been going to waste because I am revolted by most of the items in my fridge.

There have been a few food items that I have been buying though, that have not been going to waste and one of them is frozen pizza. It's been handy to have in the freezer for when I am starving and nothing else appeals. Pizza always appeals.

I stood in the frozen pizza isle for some time today, hemming and hawwing over whether or not I should buy one. I finally talked myself out of it because I figured it would just be too temping to have on hand, and I really should start making some sort of effort to eat more healthy.

So I drive off towards home. I turn down my street, which has parked cars lining both sides. I'm flying down the street (possibly speeding) when a woman steps out from between two parked cars, wearing a red chef's hat, a white chef's coat and waving at me to stop. She was holding something over her head that strongly resembled a box of pizza.

I'm not sure how long the black tire marks are that I left on the street but I'm sure that whatever was left of my brakes at that point is definitely gone and I should probably phone and make an appointment to have them replaced.

The woman was waving a fricken pizza at me!

I leaned across the cab of my jeep and rolled down my window so fast I might have sprained my arm.

She said, "Hello, we're from Delisio Pizza and we're giving away free pizzas. Would you like one?"

WOULD I??? Hell, yes. Please! I could have kissed her!

It's clear to me that the Universe really wanted me to have frozen pizza and there is simply no point in fighting it.

I am a mere mortal and am no match for this kind of fate.

This is suspiciously similar to last weekend when I was walking down a very crowded street, craving something sweet, when some young girls made a b-line for me to ask if I wanted to support their organization by purchasing some chocolate covered almonds.

It's almost spooky.

Today I ate dessert tofu!!

It's not the first time I've eaten dessert tofu. In fact, while I was losing weight, I ate it quite a bit. (My favorite flavour is coconut).

So why the big celebration that I ate it today???

Well, because I've been so queezy in the tummy for so long that I couldn't even bear the thought of eating it - or anything else healthy for that matter.

But today.... I slurped it back - no problem. And I really, really enjoyed it.

Please let this be the begginning of the end of the disgusting feeling stomach and the aversions to all things healthy.

Sushi Eating 101

Most all-u-can-eat sushi restaurants have a disclaimer on the menu that says you will be charged extra for "wasted food". Which means if your eyes are bigger than your belly, and you leave food behind, you will pay extra.

Steve and I have a particular sushi restaurant that we like to go to when we are in the mood for all-u-can-eat. As far as all-u-can-eat goes, the menu is quite large, and quite good. We've been going there for years and on occassion we have ordered too much food - yet we've never had to pay extra. But that is because we have a few sushi tricks up our sleeves.

When we first start to realize that we are getting full and there is still food on the table, the first thing we do is start bargaining with each other:
"I can eat two more pieces of california roll and the spicy tofu if you can eat two gyoza and the sunomono."
"No, I can only eat one gyoza and the sunomono - you're going to have to buck up and eat the other gyoza."

If the bargaining fails, we pull out the crafty dinner table tricks of a five year old - we put the food on our plate and then take it apart, mash it up, and then smear it around the plate and other plates on the table.

And if all else fails, we have been known to wrap up a few peices of tuna sushi, california or dynamite rolls, chicken wings etc. into napkins and stuff them into our pockets for later disposal - although this very rarely happens anymore as we have gotten much better at estimating our appetite before ordering.

And to be clear, it's not stealing since we've already paid for it - we just don't want to pay for it twice.

What I Learned Today #11

Today I learned that when I am in a different part of the house and I ask "someone" to make me a scrambled egg, and they say "sure" - that I need to be more specific and tell that person that I actually want to eat the scrambled egg, preferably when it is still hot. Otherwise, that person will make the scrambled egg and then forget about it and go take a shower and leave the egg in the frying pan on the stove to get cold.

And I will be left to eat a cold scrambled egg out of the frying pan on the stove because I am starving and don't have time to make a fresh one.