Take one for the team

A couple of years ago, Steve and I made a deal with a long time buddy of his to purchase buddy's jeep. We agreed on a price and then buddy agreed to let us make payments directly to him - no loan required from the bank, and he didn't charge us interest.

So for the past few years I've been making deposits to buddy's bank account at the begginning of each month. As of this month, I have about 6 more payments to go.

Except on Thursday, buddy called Steve during the day to offer him a different deal. The deal was this - If Steve agreed to meet buddy downtown in the pub and have some beers with him that very night, then the jeep would be considered "paid for".

Now, for anyone who knows Steve, you'll know what an incredibly difficult decision this was for him to make. And after about 3 seconds of hard deliberation, he decided to take one for the team and go have beers with buddy.

I felt really bad for him because really he was doing it for me. (What a sweet and considerate man) I am the one who drives the jeep and I am the one who makes the payments. So for him to make this kind of sacrifice for me, is really special.

He made a flash appearance after work on his way to meet buddy. He flew through the door, ran through the shower, put on some spiffy clothes, spritzed on some cologne and he was gone. I could tell that he really didn't want to have to do what he was about to do.

I'm not sure of all that my poor husband had to endure during the evening, but I know there was an irish pub involved, free flowing pints, possibly a visit to the strip bar and dinner in this restaurant, all paid for by buddy. Steve came home slurring his words, bumping into walls, smelling of beer and talking about expensive dinners and beautiful waitresses.

And of course buddy was satisfied that Steve kept up his end of the deal and I no longer have to make jeep payments.

Is there no end to the sacrifices that this man will make for me?