Cart Wars

After whizzing around Costco last night, picking up some much needed staples (eggs, toilet paper) I was pleased to find the lineups at the checkout reasonably short. After quickly scanning the lines and picking the shortest one, I headed for it.

Suddenly I realized that a man - in a fancy red and black track suit with obviously died browny-red hair - who had already been standing in a lineup, had eyed the shorter lineup that I was headed for pulled his cart out in front of mine and edged me out of the line just as I was pulling into it. And he very obviously did it on purpose. There was NO way he could have been oblivious to pushing me out of the way! Even Steve commented that it was a very asshole thing to do. We talked about it loud enough for him to hear but to my great dismay, he would not make eye contact with me. And so my laser eyes were left to burn a hole in the back of his fake colored hair.

Because I was so pissed off, I could NOT remain in the line up behind him. Stand behind him and watch his arrogant ass pay for his groceries ahead of me? Not a chance. So I found another shortish line, two tills away from him.

And no sooner had I moved to another till - I watched this man eye up a little boy who was standing in another line with his mother's cart (his mom had run to grab something). The little boy was not right up against the person in front of him so Mr. Fake Hair left the line he was in, again - and pushed his cart right in front of the little boy!!!! My jaw dropped. How can anyone be such an ignorant prick??? Pushing a lady (yes, I'm a lady) out of a line is one thing - but to do it to a little kid??? That's low.

Very shortly after this happened, the boy's mother returned. She was so very obviously upset! I could see that she was saying something to her son as she, too, moved to another line. I watched her mouth things and glare at Mr. Fake Hair - all for nothing because he would not make eye contact.

At this point I was so furious that I had decided I wanted to say something to this prick. Unfortunately, he was ahead of all of us in the checkout (go figure) and he was not responding to my laser eyes. My eyes were ACHING from how hard I was trying to get him to make eye contact with me so I could get his attention. I watched him pay for his groceries, load them into his cart and walk out of the store - all while I was frustratingly stuck behind some Asian lady taking her time paying for her groceries and then fiddling with her Costco card, taking her time putting it back in her wallet, then putting her wallet in her purse.

Coincidentally, I finished paying for my groceries at the same time that the perturbed mother did and because I just had to say SOMETHING to SOMEONE about all this, I grabbed the mother as she was leaving and told her that "that man" had done the same thing to me!!! She was just aghast and said that she had just ran around the corner to grab some almonds and came back and realized what he had done! She said, "I thought I was losing my mind, so thank you for telling me he did it to you too!" And she left, still shaking her head, fuming.

I felt a little better that I had at least made her feel a little better.

But, I really wanted a piece of Mr. Fake Hair.