My 33 resolution...

When I first started blogging, I wrote about anything and nothing. I wrote about things that were boring or things that were just going on in my life and I wrote fairly often. Then I started writing the odd witty, clever and even funny posts (if I do say so myself) and I feel like I raised the bar on myself. And now I feel like if I don't have something absolutely smashing to wow you all with, it's not worthwhile writing anything. And then it started being longer and longer between posts.

So today I turned 33 and my birthday resolution is to post more blogs, even if they don't knock my reader's socks off.

And chances are, your socks will stay securely on your feet. Besides the fact that I feel like I raised the blog bar a little high for myself, I have also not been feeling well for a while now. It's really hard to write something creative when you're exhausted and feeling like total crap. I don't foresee the icky feelings going away for a little while yet, so please bare with me.

You see, my body has been taken over by an alien. I am simply a vessel and the alien is running the control tower. It is in control of pretty much everything - including my brain and my abilities to write clever posts. I'll do my best to entertain you, but you've been warned... future blog posts could be boring and I am not to blame. It's the alien. I swear!

In summary: More blogs to come for my 33rd year but due to alien siege, they will probably be less exciting.

Take one for the team

A couple of years ago, Steve and I made a deal with a long time buddy of his to purchase buddy's jeep. We agreed on a price and then buddy agreed to let us make payments directly to him - no loan required from the bank, and he didn't charge us interest.

So for the past few years I've been making deposits to buddy's bank account at the begginning of each month. As of this month, I have about 6 more payments to go.

Except on Thursday, buddy called Steve during the day to offer him a different deal. The deal was this - If Steve agreed to meet buddy downtown in the pub and have some beers with him that very night, then the jeep would be considered "paid for".

Now, for anyone who knows Steve, you'll know what an incredibly difficult decision this was for him to make. And after about 3 seconds of hard deliberation, he decided to take one for the team and go have beers with buddy.

I felt really bad for him because really he was doing it for me. (What a sweet and considerate man) I am the one who drives the jeep and I am the one who makes the payments. So for him to make this kind of sacrifice for me, is really special.

He made a flash appearance after work on his way to meet buddy. He flew through the door, ran through the shower, put on some spiffy clothes, spritzed on some cologne and he was gone. I could tell that he really didn't want to have to do what he was about to do.

I'm not sure of all that my poor husband had to endure during the evening, but I know there was an irish pub involved, free flowing pints, possibly a visit to the strip bar and dinner in this restaurant, all paid for by buddy. Steve came home slurring his words, bumping into walls, smelling of beer and talking about expensive dinners and beautiful waitresses.

And of course buddy was satisfied that Steve kept up his end of the deal and I no longer have to make jeep payments.

Is there no end to the sacrifices that this man will make for me?

Cart Wars

After whizzing around Costco last night, picking up some much needed staples (eggs, toilet paper) I was pleased to find the lineups at the checkout reasonably short. After quickly scanning the lines and picking the shortest one, I headed for it.

Suddenly I realized that a man - in a fancy red and black track suit with obviously died browny-red hair - who had already been standing in a lineup, had eyed the shorter lineup that I was headed for pulled his cart out in front of mine and edged me out of the line just as I was pulling into it. And he very obviously did it on purpose. There was NO way he could have been oblivious to pushing me out of the way! Even Steve commented that it was a very asshole thing to do. We talked about it loud enough for him to hear but to my great dismay, he would not make eye contact with me. And so my laser eyes were left to burn a hole in the back of his fake colored hair.

Because I was so pissed off, I could NOT remain in the line up behind him. Stand behind him and watch his arrogant ass pay for his groceries ahead of me? Not a chance. So I found another shortish line, two tills away from him.

And no sooner had I moved to another till - I watched this man eye up a little boy who was standing in another line with his mother's cart (his mom had run to grab something). The little boy was not right up against the person in front of him so Mr. Fake Hair left the line he was in, again - and pushed his cart right in front of the little boy!!!! My jaw dropped. How can anyone be such an ignorant prick??? Pushing a lady (yes, I'm a lady) out of a line is one thing - but to do it to a little kid??? That's low.

Very shortly after this happened, the boy's mother returned. She was so very obviously upset! I could see that she was saying something to her son as she, too, moved to another line. I watched her mouth things and glare at Mr. Fake Hair - all for nothing because he would not make eye contact.

At this point I was so furious that I had decided I wanted to say something to this prick. Unfortunately, he was ahead of all of us in the checkout (go figure) and he was not responding to my laser eyes. My eyes were ACHING from how hard I was trying to get him to make eye contact with me so I could get his attention. I watched him pay for his groceries, load them into his cart and walk out of the store - all while I was frustratingly stuck behind some Asian lady taking her time paying for her groceries and then fiddling with her Costco card, taking her time putting it back in her wallet, then putting her wallet in her purse.

Coincidentally, I finished paying for my groceries at the same time that the perturbed mother did and because I just had to say SOMETHING to SOMEONE about all this, I grabbed the mother as she was leaving and told her that "that man" had done the same thing to me!!! She was just aghast and said that she had just ran around the corner to grab some almonds and came back and realized what he had done! She said, "I thought I was losing my mind, so thank you for telling me he did it to you too!" And she left, still shaking her head, fuming.

I felt a little better that I had at least made her feel a little better.

But, I really wanted a piece of Mr. Fake Hair.

Beat you to it, Oprah

Well, would you look at that... The day after I finish reading Tweak by Nic Sheff, and having already read Beautiful Boy by David Sheff, well who does Oprah have on her show? None other than Nic and David Sheff!

She had them talking about their experiences and their books. And I, already knew it all because I, beat you to it Oprah.

And I'm glad I did. Because it would have been really hard on my ego to have to go out and buy those books after she had recommended them. (And especially with that big "O" sticker on the front of them.)

Nudge, Nudge

I feel like I got a gentle nudge from Bone Junior - to snap me out of my pissy little blog strike and write something. She's been paying attention to the books I've been reading on the left and left a comment after my last post asking me what I thought of them.

I'll go back a couple of books ago to A Thousand Splendid Suns. I went through this one at top speed. A really good read that I would recommend. It's about two women living in Afghanistan and the lives that they were forced to live and how they endured. I absolutely loved it. And if you loved The Kite Runner there is a very good chance that you will also love A Thousand Splendid Suns.

I then moved on to Beautiful Boy on the recommendation of my friend Marta who read a review about this book and the book Tweak and thought that I would enjoy them. Beautiful Boy, written by David Sheff, is the story of a family man who's son became addicted to crystal meth (and later heroin). He details his life and how extremely difficult it was to try to manage life with a child who is an addict. I found some parts of this book a little bit monotonous and somewhat boring. He spends a lot of his time talking about his every day life. How he got up, drank coffee, helped his wife get his two young children ready for school, how he took his young daughter to soccer practice, how they had a nice time at the beach, etc. etc. etc. While I get what he was trying to do - which is show how normal and happy and loving his family was yet he still had an addict son - it got to be a bit much at times. I understand that his point was that it could happen to any parent. He also spends a lot of time talking about all the research he did into addiction, crystal meth, rehab etc. and he sometimes explained that until I wanted to close the book and give up. But in the end, I am glad I persevered because it was an alright book.

And the book I'm reading now is Tweak by Nic Sheff. Recognize the last name? Nic Sheff is the son of David Sheff (see above). This book is written from the perspective of the son who was/is the meth/heroin addict. I've only gotten about an eighth of the way through this book but I have already had to close it up and put it down a couple of times. It is raw. It is gritty. And it's scary. It is the complete opposite of Beautiful Boy, which illustrates a happy normal life except for the one exception. Tweak, goes into detail of the disgusting, horrific, awful world of drug addicts. It makes me feel kind of sick in the tummy to read some of the stuff. But still it's interesting and I'm anxious to get through it and see this other perspective.

If you wanted to read both Beautiful Boy and Tweak, I would definitely advise to read Beautiful Boy first, Tweak second.

And I hope I never have a family member or friend who becomes addicted to crystal meth.

It's time

It's time for me to get a haircut. Or maybe it's time for me to color my hair... something dramatic? Maybe it's time for me to go buy some tanning minutes. Add to my tattoo? Get a new one? It's time for new clothes. It's time for a new look.

It's time to go on a major shopping spree. Its time for some new art on my walls. It's time to redecorate. Maybe it's time to clean my fridge? Scrub the walls? Wash the windows?

It's time to plan a spring/ice-breaker bar-b-que? It's time to buy a NEW bar-b-que.

It's time to create a new signature cocktail.

Time to get another dog? Time to get a kitty?

Is it time to sell our place? Time to move? Time to try another neighborhood? Another city? Another province???

It's time to meet new friends. It's time to find new interests. It's time to take some classes. It's time for more education.

It's time to plan a trip. It's time to get away. It's time for sand and beach and water and a pool and lounge chairs and bartenders named Miguel who make the most delicious margaritas.

It's time to lose more weight. Time to eat better. Exercise more.

Is it time for self help books?

Is it time for more therapy?


Like it was never there

I took the MP3 player down. It was annoying even me.