TILT: Things I Love Thursday

Ok, let's see if I can summon up enough creativity to pull this off...

I got this idea from Comrade Gogo who took up the challenge from Gala Darling's site which to be honest, I didn't know much about until today and plan on doing more exploring there later.

Things I Love Thursday

I may or may not make this a recurring weekly thing, we'll see how I feel about it next Thursday. The idea is to compile a weekly list of the things that me happy or that I love or that I happen to be currently obsessed with.

So here goes:

* When a friend calls you at 2pm on game day saying she has two tickets to the Canucks game and asks if you want to go with her. That's the greatest. What a nice surprise and a great way to spend your Thursday evening! (Thanks Cara!)

* That Steve is somewhat "handy" and has been able to single handedly renovate our bathroom exactly the way I want it. Ok, well it's not quite finished yet, but the fact that I don't have to hire anyone is sweet. FYI - he's also put in our laminate flooring and my kitchen backsplash.

* Cadbury Thins with Almonds - on top of a Kellogs All Bran Bar - with a cup of Orange Pekoe Tea, not too hot.... Mmmmm....
I figure that since they're all kind of "diet" food, that it's ok to combine them all together for maxium enjoyment. Right?

* Body Shop's White Musk. I don't know, right now it's my thang. Not too much though, and not on my throat. I cannot have any perfume sprayed on my throat because then the smell just suffocates me and makes me feel sick.

* Beer at NHL hockey games that comes in a sippy cup. Really, they actually have lids on them now with sippy holes. Genious, I say! Because when your team scores (which is rare latey) and you get so excited that you jump into the air forgetting that you have a beer in your hand, the sippy lid prevents it from spilling down the back of the person sitting in front of you (who really should be jumping up and cheering also - which would prevent them from getting beer spilled down their back in the first place.)
This has been today's edition of T.I.L.T. Hope you enjoyed.