T.I.L.T.: Things I Love Thursday

New Oster Blender - My "fancy" Krups blender crapped out on me a few weeks ago mid-smoothie-making and bled milk and strawberries and half blended bananas all over my counter. Being addicted to strawberry/banana smoothies, I needed to replace it ASAP. I decided to go with Oster as they seem to have been around the blender business for a lot of years and have all metal working parts - as opposed to plastic which is what the inner workings of the Krups (and most blenders these days) is made of. I love the Oster blender as it does a better job of making my smoothies than the Krups ever did. Also note that I love strawberry-banana-pineapple smoothies with a dribble of coconut extract (or Malibu rum if it happens to be after 11am). Yummy.

New Brooks Runners ~ I had to pull off the Great Shoe Heist of 2008 which was almost identical to the Great Shoe Heist of 2007 - because somebody didn't spend the time to properly fit my feet to the proper pair of shoes the first time - despite my complaints of the shoes feeling too tight and rubbing against my heels. So after bandaging up my blisters and picking the rocks out of the bottom of the pair of shoes that were so very wrong for me, and then scrubbing them with a toothbrush - I returned them to the store and got THESE gems. These shoes are PERFECT. The shoe-sales-person spent a good half hour with me to make sure I got the right pair. There is nothing better than a comfortable pair of running shoes that feel like they were constructed to fit your feet.

New Nine West Handbag ~ Those who know me well, know that I have a "problem" with purses/handbags. The problem being that I purchase them far too often. An addiction, shall we say?? However, I have been on the market for a new purse for quite some time now. I haven't had a new one in months.... no... wait... It's been over a year since I've purchased a NEW bag! I've been so deprived! My problem was that I just couldn't find one that I liked. Correction - I did see a few that I liked in the Coach store but spending $900 on a purse just seemed wrong - even to me. So I finally came across this little beauty and it is just perfect. I can carry it when I'm casual, OR when I'm fancy (although the fancy is few and far between these days).

New Phone ~ It's not an expensive one but it does replace my old phone which only lasted 10 minutes off the charger and had a tendancy to break into deafening static at any given time. This made for some very short conversations. This new phone also comes with another headset that I can plug in upstairs which prevents me from risking my life racing down the stairs to answer a call before the voicemail kicks in at 3 rings.

Unfortunately though, I can no longer use "What? Oh shit, I'm sorry - you're breaking up! I'm gonna have to let you go! Whatssat? I can't hear you. I'm hanging up now!"

This little face ~ Since this has been a bit of a materialistic T.I.L.T. and because I happened accross Stella at Nanette's Blog - I thought I would mention how much I love this little face when it is not begging for food, trying to rummage through the garbage, unplugging appliances from the wall, barking at herself in the mirror, escaping from the back yard or chewing holes in my blankets. Other than that, she's pretty cute and I adore her.