T.I.L.T.: Things I Love Thursday

Feeling a little... bleh... So I only love two things today.

Goats Milk Soap~ This soap has such a fantastic, clean smell. It makes the bathroom even smell nice. I find it moisturizing and feels great on my skin. Not to mention it makes my skin smell great. I have only used the soap but this company also has a line of bath products that I plan on experimenting with.

New handbag ~ This super-funky handbag was handmade just for ME! It was delivered to my house earlier this week and came all the way from a very special person in Ontario. This person has always been very dear to me and has been one of my biggest advocates from the day I was born. Opening up the package that this handbag came in (wrapped in brown paper - how awesome is that?) brought me back to when I was little when she used to send me packages throughout the year for birthdays, Christmas, etc. It was always so exciting to tear into those packages to see what she had sent (always, always, always hand made). It made me feel like I was 8 again - which I also love.